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What is java?????

Java is a set of computer software and

specifications developed by Sun
Microsystems, which was later acquired by the
Oracle Corporation, that provides a system for
developing application software and deploying
it in a cross-platform computing environment.
Java is used in a wide variety of computing
platforms from embedded devices and mobile
phones to enterprise servers and
Java applets, which are less common than
standalone Java applications, run in secure,
sandboxed environments to provide many
features of native applications and can be
embedded in HTML pages.
Scope for JAVA
Since it is a object orinted programing
language it has more security features
like data hiding , abstraction , & more
string handing function .
It also has more predefined libraries so
we won't worry about writing large code .
Java is used in the area of real-time
application , applet , Java script , web
development . So it has little higher
scope than other object orinted
programing language.
Java is an object-oriented programming
language developed by James Gosling and
colleagues at Sun Microsystems in the early
Unlike conventional languages which are
generally designed either to be compiled to
native (machine) code or to be interpreted from
source code at runtime, Java is intended to be
compiled to a bytecode, which is then run
(generally using JIT compilation) by a Java
Virtual Machine.
The language itself borrows much syntax from
C and C++ but has a simpler object model and
fewer low-level facilities.
Java is only distantly related to JavaScript,
though they have similar names and share a C-
like syntax.
Introduction to java
Working with java
Basics of java
Oops concept
Oops feature
Java misc concept
Exception handling
Multithreading in Java
I/O programming &file heading
GUI programming
Collection framework
JDBC programming
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