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A religion originated in

India sometime between 6th

and 4th centuries BCE.
comes from the word
budhi means to awaken.
It encompasses variety of
traditions, beliefs and
spiritual practices.
Bodh Gaya, Bihar,
Siddhartha Gautama India
to lead a moral life;
to be mindful and aware
of thoughts and actions,
to develop wisdom and
Not to take the life of anything living.
Not to take anything not freely given.
Abstain from sexual misconduct and
sensual overindulgence.
Refrain from untrue speech.
Avoid intoxication.
Life includes pain, getting old, having
disease, and ultimately death.
Suffering is caused by craving and
Suffering can be overcome and
happiness can be attained.
Eight-fold path.
Right View Right livelihood

Right Intention Right Effort

Right Speech Right Mindfulness

Right Action Concentration
Giving examples
Journal Writing
Discovery Approach
Activity based
Situational problem
Idea or belief that only natural
laws and forces operate in the
Equated with Materialism.
Jean Jacques Rousseau was
one of the famous nature
philosophers of the
18th century.
Nature is the final reality.
Mind is the brain functioning and brain is
All types of mental activities are the
functions of the brain.
Knowledge is true that is derived from
There is no God or Spirit.
Let the children have the opportunity of
formulating their ideas through personal
Child centered according to the present
and future needs of the child.
Teaching through things rather than
words is given importance.
The two stages of curriculum.

Early Stage Later Stage

Focused on Focused on the
developing the curriculum subjects
physical and natural such as physical
habits, as well as science,
properly exercising mathematics,
the senses. language, etc.
Concrete objects
Real-world problem
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MAED in Mathematics
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