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Types of essay: Narrative

Edward Andrs Adaime Muoz
Code: 1117500665
Group: 20
Tutor: Milly Andrea Muoz

Doncello 11th November 2017

Narrative Essay

It relates facts, news or historical events, biographies, fables,

novels with the aim of communicating ideas and emotions in
the first person, taking into account the theme and the
importance of what you want to make known.
Components Narrative essay

The part in which you are introducing the characters, giving the plot some starting details and stating the
main point.
Try to make your introduction as memorable as possible, since your audience will remember it the most
and it will give an idea of what to expect.
Introductions As with other types of essays, the author is required to give a thesis statement in the introduction

It can contain multiple parts (paragraphs), and they should always be connected to the main of your
story. Each paragraph should include one idea, one that is directly tied to the main topic of the essay. If
you have multiple sections featuring different chunks of your narrative, make sure to construct proper
transitions between them.
Each chapter can act as an additional step in finding the answer to the main question (or problem)
expressed in the introduction.
Main body The events should be told in chronological order. Do not use unreliable narration and don't deviate from
the main.

Write a personal statement. You conclude your story with restating the thesis. It should, in essence, also
present itself as a lesson. Provocative ideas tend to leave an impression

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