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Access to fresh


- Hamza
What is the global issue?

Having access to fresh water is the global issue because only one billion people
have gained access to fresh water, though inequalities remain. Since 1990, 2.6
billion people have gained an improved drinking water source which is meant to
be protected against contamination.
What is the spatial dimension of
the issue?
The spatial dimension of having access to fresh water, which means places
where there isn't pure or verified water For example in bangladesh 51 % of
the population has been drinking non proved water. 17% from nepal and 48% in
What is the ecological dimension
of the issue?
The ecological dimension is
What are the main impacts of
the issue?
The main impacts of not having access to fresh water is the sea animals will be
affected by the unclean water, global warming may lead to devastating floods
and droughts and the invasion of exotic species which can harm native animals
and plants.