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Presented by:
Andrada, Patricia Mae
Bayangos, Ma. Anna Thea
Dagooc, Rezelle May
Sibug, Patrizia Lou
Domingo Lamo a Chinese
immigrant from the Fukien city of
Changchow. He is Rizals great-
great-grandfather. He arrived in
Manila about 1690. He married a
well-to-do Chinese Christian girl of
Manila named Ines de la Rosa, then
assumed Mercado as his surname in
1731. He was born on 1662 in
Quanzhou, Quanzhou Shi, Fujian,
China and died on 1747 in Bian,
Laguna, Philippines.
Francisco Mercado was
born in 1731 and died in
1801. Son of Domingo and
Ines, great-grandfather of
Rizal. He married a
Chinese-Filipino mestiza,
Cirila Bernacha, and was
elected governadorcillo of
Juan Mercado one of
Franciscos and Cirilas sons,
grandfather of Rizal. He
Married Cirila Alejandro, a
Chinese-Filipino mestiza. Like
his father, he was elected
governadorcillo of Bian. He
was born in 1772 and died on
1834 in Bian, Laguna,
Francisco Mercado Rizals
father. The youngest of thirteen
children of Juan and Cirila. At the
age of eight he lost his father. He
met and fell in love with Teodora
Alonso Realonda in Manila while
studying. They got married on June
28, 1848. He was born on May 11,
1818 in Bian, Laguna, Philippines
and died on January 05, 1898 in
Manila, Philippines.
Lakandula the last native
king of Tondo. He is a believed
ancestor of Doa Teodoras
Eugenio Ursua Rizals
from his mothers side. He was
of Japanese ancestry. He
married a Filipina named
Regina Ursua the
daughter of Eugenio and
Benigna. She married
Manuel de Quintos, a
Filipino-Chinese lawyer
from Pangasinan.
Brigida de Quintos
Daughter of Regina and
Manuel. She married
Lorenzo Alberto Alonso, a
prominent Spanish-Filipino
mestizo of Bian; their
children were: Narcisa,
Teodora(Rizals mother),
Gregorio, Manual and Jose.
Teodora Alonzo Realonda -
daughter of Lorenzo Alberto
Alonzo and Brigida de
Quintos, was born on
November 09, 1827 in
Santa Cruz, Manila,
Philippines and died on
August 16, 1911 in Manila,
Saturnina Mercado Rizal
Hidalgo - was born in 1818
and was the eldest sister of
Jose Rizal. Nicknamed
Neneng. She had five
children together with
husband Manuel T. Hidalgo
and died the same year as
her mother in 1913.
General Paciano Mercado Rizal -
Nicknamed "Lolo Ciano" was the only
brother of Jose Rizal. He was born in 1851
and studied in Bian later attending school
at the Colegio de San Jose in Manila. After
the execution of his brother, he joined in
the Philippine Revolution where he rose up
to the ranks of a General. He later married
Severina Decena of Los Banos and had
two children of which one died at an early
age. Paciano passed away in 1930. he was
immortalized by Jose Rizal in his first novel
Noli Me Tangere as Pilosopo Tasio.
Narcisa Rizal Lopez
Nicknamed Sisa, was born in
1852 and was the one who found
the unmarked grave of her
brother, Jose in the abandoned
Old Paco Cemetery. Narcisa
married Antonio Lopez who
was a teacher and musician
from Morong, Rizal. She died in
Olympia Rizal Ubaldo
Nicknamed Ypia, was
born in 1855. She married
Silvestre Ubaldo and
together they had three
children. She died in 1887
when she was only 32
years old.
Lucia Rizal Herbosa - was born in
1857. She married Mariano
Herbosa and had 5 children
together. In 1889, Mariano died due
to an epidemic but was denied a
Christian burial. This was due to the
fact that he was the brother in law
of Jose Rizal. This showed the
beginning of the persecution of the
Rizal family by Spanish friars. Lucia
died in 1919.
Maria Cruz Rizal Nicknamed
Biang, was born in 1855. She
married Daniel Faustino Cruz of
Binan, Laguna and together they had
5 children. Mauricio Cruz, one of
Maria's children became a student of
Jose Rizal in Dapitan and was known
to be one of his uncle's favorites.
Maria was a known recipient of many
od Jose's letters during his lifetime.
Maria died in 1945.
Jos Protacio Rizal Mercado Alonso y
Realonda - was born on June 19, 1861 in
the City of Calamba in Laguna,
Philippines. Rizal was the seventh child
out of his eleven siblings. At an early age,
Rizal had a passion for learning and
loved to write poetry. He was known as
Dr. Jos Rizal, He is considered as the
Philippines greatest national hero. his
nickname was Pepe. He worked for
Philippine independence from the
Spaniards all the way until his death in
December 30, 1896.
Concepcion Rizal
Nicknamed Concha, was
born in 1862. Concepcion did
not live very long as she died
at the age of 3 in 1865. Her
death was Jose Rizals first
Josefa Rizal Nicknamed
Panggoy, was born in
1865. She was unmarried
lived together with sister
Trinidad until death. Josefa
was said to have suffered
from epilepsy. She died in
Trinidad Rizal Nicknamed
Trining, was born in 1868. She
remained unmarried and lived
together with her sister Josefa.
Trinidad was the one who recieved an
alcohol lamp from brother Jose, in
which he secretly hid the "Last
Farewell" better known as "Mi
Ultimos Adios," a poem Rizal wrote
on the eve of his death in 1896.
Trinidad died in 1951, outliving all her
Soledad Rizal Quintero
Nicknamed Choleng, was
born in 1870 making her the
youngest of the Rizal siblings.
She married Pantaleon
Quintero and together they
had 5 children. Soledad died
in 1929.