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Name :- Rashmi Shrikant Dumbre.

Topic Name :- Vitamins

Class :- S.Y.BSc
Roll No. :- 1624403
What is the difference between fatsoluble and
watersoluble vitamins?
Water soluble vitamins :-Watersoluble vitamins travel
in the blood and are stored in limited amounts. These are readily
excreted from the body through urine.

Fat Soluble vitamins :-Fatsoluble are stored in the liver

and fatty tissues. These are not readily excreted from the body.
Water Soluble Vitamins
Vitamin B
The B vitamins are :-B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B12.

Functions of Vit. B :-They also help form red blood

cells, important to nerve function, normal vision and
skin health, important for immune system

Recommendations :-Males:- 10 mg /day

Females:-8 mg /day
Vitamin B
Vit B Deficiency :- Tiredness, fatigue, sleep
disturbances, irritability and low mood, mouth and a
swollen tongue.
Vitamin C
Functions of Vit C :-Important for vision, helps in
cell reproduction,Helps to fight disease.

Recommendations:- Men:- 60mg/day

Women:- 60mg/day
Children:- 45mg/day

Vit C Deficiency:-Weight loss, joint pain , scurvy

,reduced resistance to colds and infections ,slow
healing of wounds .
Vitamin A
Functions of Vit. A :-Regulation of gene expression
,Required for cell growth ,Part of the visual pigment .

Recommendations:- Men:- 5mg/day

Women :- 4mg/day

Vit. A Deficiency :-Night blindness, macular

degeneration,Developmental defects
Vitamin D
Functions of Vit. D :- Increases calcium absorption
in bone, intestines, kidney, Promotes bone growth and

Recommendations:-Male and Females :- 5 mg/day

Vit. D Deficiency :- rickets (children),osteomalacia.

Vitamin E
Functions of Vit. E :-Antioxidant , Necessary for
normal nerve development

Recommendations:- Males:- 10 mg/day

Females:-8 mg/day

Vit. E Deficiency :-Premature babies , Loss of

muscle coordination
Vitamin K
Functions of Vit. K :- Promotes synthesis of blood
clotting proteins, Bone formation.

Recommendations:- Women:- 90mg/day

Man:- 120mg/day

Vit. K Deficiency :- Uncontrollable bleeding at

surgical or puncture sites,Brain bleeding in newborns.