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Man as the microcosm within the

universal macrocosm.
It is the fundamental principle of astrology that the planets reproduce on the
earth conditions and circumstances corresponding to their own conditions and
circumstances in the heavens.

"As above so below".

The shape, color Strength, position, speed, movement, distance, in fact every
conceivable trait of Planets has a corresponding meaning for us on this earth.
By S.N.Kashyap
Role of Symbology in Astrology
-Courtesy :July 1959 The Astrological Magazine.
Robertus de Fluctibus (17
January 1574 8 September 1637),
Robert Fludd's illustration of man as the microcosm within the
universal macrocosm. Fludd states that "Man is a whole world of its
own, called microcosm for it displays a miniature pattern of all the
parts of the universe. Thus the head is related to the Empyreal, the
chest to the ethereal heaven and the belly to the elementary
Bhrigu Nandi Nadi (BNN) - Prediction Technique
For Analyze the chart based on BNN we need only Birth Rasi Chart with planetary degrees and
Transit Chart from the place of judgement
For Interpreting and timing of events
Superimposing the Transiting Planets over Natal chart. Reading the Rasi Chart alone is not give
the desired result. Always read the Rasi chart with Transit chart for better accuracy in your
Before Enumerating the Principles, some of the basic stuff require to understand the concepts
very well.
12 Rasi 2) 9 Planetary Karakatwas (portfolio) 3) Planetary relationship friend or foe based on the
Trine Combination (1, 5, 9)
The Rasi are in the same direction will form the Trine combination .
For example Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are in the same direction i.e .East direction. Taurus, Virgo,
Capricorn are in South direction.
Hence any planets situated in the same directions are considered together and produce
specific events in the persons life.
The 2 / 12 combination:
Always treating planets like a human being. While planets moving in the Rasi path it crossed
(Past) certain planets or it may going to touch some planets (Future). 12 means past and 2
means future. Hence 2nd house is important from the subjective planet. Please note that if planets
surrounded by friendly planets it is also helpful for the subjective planet for giving Karakatwas
result fully.
3,7,11 Aspects
7th house is 180 degree from the considered planets which is opposite and equal effect. Hence
its also considered.
Finally 3 & 11 from the subjective planet which is also in an opposite direction.
Among this combination life turning events will happen based on the Planetary strength like
Exaltation, Debilitation, Moola Trikona, Exchange of the planets, Vakri (Retro gradation),
combustion. Transit will trigger the events to happening in his life time at least once.
1) Gender or Relative Karakatwas of the planet.
Example: If you are going to analyze the chart for the particular event first you have to choose the
correct planet based on Gender Male or Female or relative planets. If Male choose Jupiter,
female means Venus. In case the Qurent wants to know about his father means select Sun as a
chief significator.
2.Check the Life changing planetary combination exist in the chart
and give much importance to it.
Certain Planetary combination will change the entire life of the jathaga in good or bad manner
based on the combination.
Example: Saturn+Mars, If transit agree he will face lot of anxiety, loss of position, suspension etc.
Saturn + Kethu Break in service, termination from service etc., depression.
Saturn + Jupiter Breakthrough in profession. Both are best friends. Get the New job,
improvement in Social Status,Popularity etc. Friendly planetary combination always good for both
living as well as non-living matters.
Enemity planets always fighting each other and unfavorable for the individual in their respective
3) Check the exchange of planets if any triggered by Transit
Saturn or Jupiter
Example: if Saturn and Mercury are involved in exchange means at that time of Transit Jupiter or
Saturn entering into the sign either Natal Saturn or Mercury, then the exchange effect will surely
happen. After exchange if Saturn join Jupiter means he will get the respectable position in his
profession. If mercury join Kethu means he will also face the litigation, dispute in his landed
4) Retrograde Planets
Give importance to Retro Planets also. Retro planets always looks behind the 12th sign. Hence it
will create two types of combination. One is from the actual position where he posited in Rasi
chart and the other one is from his 12th sign position.
5) Timing of events - Transit
Watch the Transiting Planets involvement. If transiting planet entering over the Natal planet
means at the first sight give much importance to that particular one.
Example: Imagine Jupiter + Venus combination in Male Natal chart trine from each other, say
Jupiter in Sagittarius and Venus is trine to Jupiter i.e. occupied in Aries. When Jupiter entering
into Aries means both will triggered by the Karakatwas. If native is not married then chances of
marriage is high, if he is already married then chances of marriage for his younger sister (Venus),
buying luxury items, benefits in property matters etc.
6) Timing of events and yearly Planets:
Fix what will happen in a particular year based on the yearly transiting planets Jupiter, Saturn,
Rahu and Kethu. They will take minimum one year and maximum 2 years for transiting from
one sign to the next sign.
Generally Saturn is the fate and karma planet. The planets are involved in Natal Saturn in the
combination surely will happen and Karakatwas fortified related to the planets without much
Jupiter represent the desire, Agamya karma. Good for auspicious events like Marriage, Child
birth, education
Rahu is good for material matters but it is not good for Longevity. Kethu gives separation,
dispute, litigation etc.
Rahu is good for abroad journey, Kethu is good for spiritual matters and short journey.