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What is

Tetralogy of
Fallot and its


Some of the information within the PowerPoint are from outside


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Introduction Slide

Mentor- Angelica Cruz R.N.

Clear Lake Regional Medical Center
Pediatric Nurse
Has worked at CLRMC for 2 years but has been a nurse for 11
What Is ISM?

Advanced course which allows students to mentor a professional in

career of choice
Must have 3 hours a week with mentor (activity log)
Complete a journal entry each week
Develop a final presentation and product at the collegiate level

Perry, Pam. Mentoring Matters: Be Thankful for Your Mentor. Hope for
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Child Blood Pressure Cuff

Crib Release Form

Patient Education

Uses and Possible Side

Effects of Medication

Childrens Asthma Pediatric Early

Care Guide Warning System
Escalation Algorithm

Child Asthma
Action Plan Hand Hygiene

Sepsis- What You

Need to Know
Cardiac Monitor,
Suction Setup and
Ambu Bag
About My Project

Rare heart condition that is caused by a combination of 4 heart

defects. (Tetralogy of Fallot)
I know of someone who has had this condition since birth and has
actually experienced it
Interesting topic to learn about

Tetralogy of Fallot,

How the disease is developed

Complications of one diagnosed with TOF
The surgeries needed to be done and how they repair the heart

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My Key Points

Symptoms & Causes

Complications that come with TOF
Diagnosis & Treatments
Affects on a child
Stethoscope and Heart | Stock Vector. Colourbox, 28 Feb. 2012,
Self Management
Symptoms and Causes

Symptoms: Causes: There are no known

causes of TOF but there are
Fast heart rate/heart viruses and conditions that
may affect the mother and can
Shortness of breath increase the risk of their baby
being diagnosed with TOF such
Blue tinted skin (cyanosis)
as Rubella (German measles),
Deformity of nails poor nutrition, alcohol use and
even having the heart
Fainting condition themselves.
Prolonged crying

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Complications Caused by TOF

Large Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD)- A hole in part of the septum which
causes oxygenized blood to mix with deoxygenized blood
Pulmonary Stenosis- Pulmonary valve becomes narrow and doesnt fully
open to allow blood to flow through (not enough blood can reach the lungs
to become oxygenized)

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Complications caused by TOF Cont.

Right Ventricular Hypertrophy- Heart has to work harder to pump blood

through pulmonary valve because the muscle inside the right ventricle is
thicker than usual
Overriding Aorta- Aorta is moved slightly to the right above the VSD
causing the aorta to receive deoxygenized blood from the right ventricle
and oxygenized blood from the left ventricle (mixes)

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Diagnosis & Treatments

Diagnostic Tests:
Echocardiography- Ultrasound of the heart that uses sound waves to create a visual representation of the

Electrocardiogram (EKG)- Shows the speed and rate of the heart while recording any electrical activity

Chest X-Ray- Scans images of the heart to see any excess fluid in the lungs and any enlargement of the heart

Cardiac Catheterization- A catheter is placed in the upper thigh of the baby and led to the heart that is then
injected with a dye, allowing the structure of the heart to be visible and the oxygen levels in the chambers of
the heart and blood vessels to be seen

Cardiac Catheterization - Cardiovascular

Associates of Maryland. Cardiac Catheterization
- Cardiovascular Associates of Maryland |
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Diagnosis & Treatment Cont.

Blalock- Taussig Shunt- Connects the aorta and the pulmonary artery, which creates a detour of the
blood and sends an increase of blood to lungs to become oxygenized

Intracardiac Repair-

Widens the pulmonary artery to allow better blood flow to the lungs

Closes the VSD with a patch which stops the mixing of deoxygenized and oxygenized blood

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Affects on a Child

Being a Child With TOF:

Certain activities may be restricted such as exercise or sports due to the
condition of the heart
Children may begin to feel left out or alone since they are restricted to do
certain things that most children do
Self Management

Growing Up With TOF:

As the child grows older it is important that they learn how their heart differs from
the heart of others
Recognize signs and symptoms and know how to respond to them
Be aware of the care needed to stay healthy
Think about how the heart condition may affect their future such as jobs and certain
lifestyle habits

Self-Management Education. Nesta,
Jimmy Kimmels Son

Jimmy Kimmels son was

born with TOF. During one
episode of the show he
talks about how it affected
his son as well as his family.

Mohney, Gillian. Jimmy Kimmel Spotlights Son's Rare Heart Birth Defect. ABC News, ABC
News Network,

At the end of my presentation I will highlight my product. This will be a board

game relating to my project.

Facts and questions about TOF to help better understand the condition
Multiple Players
Move spaces by card drawn
Whoever reaches end first wins

Moodie, Annmarie. Board Game Party. Pinterest, 22 Feb. 2015,

At the end of my mentorship experience I hope to learn how to properly help

patients and serve their needs. I also want to fully understand Tetralogy of
Fallot and be able to explain it to others,

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Thank You

I would like to thank Mrs. Click, my parents, and my mentor Angelica.

Without any of these people I wouldnt be successful in this class. Mrs.
Click was there to help me when I had troubles with anything, and my
parents were overall very supportive. My mentor Angelica is a great
nurse and I would like to thank her for allowing me to shadow and learn
new things from her.

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