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aSAS institute is the world¶s largest privately held software company.

aFounded in 1976 which makes statistical software which lease to widely diverse group of

aJohn Goodnight is the founder and CEO owns two third of the company.
a SAS institute has 54000 employees ,3400 are at the company¶s campus headquarter in
Cary, North Carolina .

aIt defines the sas Indian culture, employees centered values, employee interdependence, a
spirit of risk taking, freedom, challenging work, richness of resources.

aGoodnight¶s own value system and philosophy of work.

aDescribes four strategies that have been initated to support the company culture ³hire
hard´ recruitment strategy, the 35 hour work week, employee and manager survey, and
compensations system.
Company and software
a SAS is a fourth-generation programming language consisting of a suite
of modules designed for business intelligence and customer relationship

a SAS also provides data mining, data warehousing, business intelligence,

sustainability and business performance management software.

a SAS Institute remains a wholly owned private company, enabling the

management, led by James Goodnight, to run the company in the
manner they think best, without worry about the demands of

a SAS Institute has frequently been included in lists of the best places to
work in America.
 hy SAS is Diff from Others
a SAS Institute as a family-friendly employer

a SAS Institute is an international leader in data warehousing and decision

support software. Some 3,400 employees work at the company¶s
headquarters on the 200-acre campus in Cary, North Carolina.

a SAS leases to its customers ² a strategy of immense importance in

understanding the company¶s relationship to its users.

a SAS Institute sees it, the leasing strategy ³helps keep the company
sharp´ by ensuring that technological advances are driven solely by
customer needs.
a SAS Institute reinvests more than 30 percent of revenue in R&D.

a Nearly 90 percent of SAS Institute customers renew their annual

leases, and 70 percent of these, on average, increase their business.
 orking Atmosphere
a The physical surroundings and facilities make a big difference at SAS
Institute. There¶s a gym, healthcare center, and childcare center.

a Each  ednesday, the break rooms are stocked with large canisters filled
with M&M candies

a All employees have the same exact bonus plan potential (of course,
higher-paid people are paid out at a higher rate).

a No designated parking spaces and no executive dining room.

a Goodnight and other senior executives eat lunch regularly in one of the
two company cafeterias.
a Goodnight¶s original vision has spawned a self-perpetuating culture, and
³new´ decision makers now share his vision ² which governs the variety
of philosophies, strategies, and practices adopted by the company over
twenty-three years. Four practices stand out.

a 35-hour workweek. SAS Institute¶s written policy is that the standard

workweek is thirty-five hours.
Analysis of the issues

a Jim Goodnight gives the people below a lot of autonomy.

a  ith the involvement in the issues which appears to give his direct
report give the direction where SAS institute product $ technology is
a CEO spends almost 50% of his time programming
a The passion for the technological side of the business is very clear to
the employees.
a Providing an employee friendly work environment.
a Employees are given benefits.
a The company teach and enhance professional skills related to the
areas through professional training programs.

a  ith the proper working environment makes the organizational

a The employees satisfaction will makes the success of the
a They provide benefits to the employee according to the position of
the employee.
a All the employees are treated equally.

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