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Applied Linguistics

Overview of course Linguistics

End of Term Dr. Ansa Hameed
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The definition of applied linguistics

The major fields of applied linguistics

Overview of course Linguistics

What is applied linguistics?
Applied linguistics is a branch of linguistics where the primary
concern is the application of the linguistic theories, methods and
findings to the explanation of language problems which have
arisen in other areas of experience.
History of Term: Applied Linguistics

The term Applied Linguistics (AL) is an Anglo-American


It was founded first at the University of Edinburgh School of

Applied Linguistics in 1956.

Then at the Center of Applied Linguistics in Washington

D.C. in 1957.

AL use was propagated by those who

clearly wanted to be known as scientists and not as
Sociology Psychology

Logic Literature

Mathematics Anthropology

Computing Translation

Statistics Philosophy

Mrs. Hind Albeladi - March 2010


The study of second language and foreign

language learning and teaching.
Investigate problems related to language
learning and teaching.
To find some practical steps to solve those
The importance of AL lies in the significant role it
has in solving language-related problems.
Language is crucial to human lives. Without
language, most important activities will be
Throughout the history and across the world,
people have been using language to communicate.
In our world there are many rapid changes. These
changes affect how people use language.
Hence, people need to investigate and understand
the facts of language use, to organize and
formalize what they know and to subject their
knowledge to rational consideration and critical
Only by doing so, people will be able to set out the
options for action and the reasoning behind them.

Mrs. Hind Albeladi - March 2010

- How can languages best be learnt and
- What social factors affect language learning?
- How can technology be used to contribute to
the effectiveness of language
- What are the related problems associated
with language disorders?
- How can these be prevented?

Mrs. Hind Albeladi - March 2010

bilingualism and multilingualism literacies
second language acquisition
language assessment
contrastive linguistics
discourse analysis
conversation analysis translation
language pedagogy pragmatics
language planning and policies
communication (CMC)
Mrs. Hind Albeladi - March 2010
therapy Lexicography
& Dictionary
CALL Making

Teaching Language
Policy &
Mrs. Hind Albeladi - March 2010
Mrs. Hind Albeladi - March 2010
Mrs. Hind Albeladi - March 2010
Cook, G. (2003). Applied linguistics. Oxford: Oxford
University Press.

R. B. Kaplan (Ed.) (2002), The oxford handbook of

applied linguistics New York: Oxford University
Topics Covered:
Introduction to Linguistics
Modern Linguistics vs. Traditional Grammar
Language: Definitions, Form and Function
Human communication vs. Animal
Levels of Language
Syntactic Analysis
Language Origin
Language Development
First Language Acquisition
Second Language Learning
Historical Linguistics
Structuralism: Saussure
Generativism: Chomsky
Functionalism: Halliday
The Prague School
The London School
Relational Grammar
Tagmemics (In syntax lectures)
Case Grammar (In syntax lectures)
Startificational Grammar (In syntax lectures)
Applied Linguistics
Sign Language
Discourse Analysis

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