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Assessment 3-

Compare and

Teacher name: Antoinette Wiseman

Students name: Mariam Juma
Course name: Learning through the Performing Arts
Course code: ECE2603
Compare and contrast between two different ideologies of teaching and justify
my own teaching position by adopting an eclectic approach or best practice from
various curriculums.
Table of Contents:
Introduction: The implementation of a performing arts project
Purpose of the art project
Preforming art video
Aspects of music and movement
How role and resources were assigned?
Areas of development
Eventually implemented in front of an audience of peers
Issues and solution
Compare and contrast between ideologies who agree with preforming art and with who dont
Justify my own teaching position
Art Project?

Music and
Kg2- A students Math subject
movement art
Group of 7 children, five of them are Counting unit
girls and two boys
Five little monkeys
Aged between 4 to 5 years
Implemented performing art song in
circle area.
(Alaleeli, 2017)
The purpose of art project was:

Teach children certain movements.

Encourage children to respond to music and materials.
Encourage children to Imitate and create movement in response to music.
Support children with fundamental skills such as language, physical and
mathematical skills.
Teach children numbers names from 1 to 5

(Desravins, 2017)

(Alaleeli, 2017)
Aspects of music and movement

Music Movement

When the children: When the children:

Copy the rhythm Imitated the actions occurred in
Stay in the same sound level the video.
Sing the song Move their musicals and body
part such as hand, arm, and legs.
For example, when they will sing
mama call the doctor here they
moved their hand and arm to act
as they are calling someone.
How roles and rousers were assigned??

Roles: Rousers:

Discuss with MST Think about the equipment's for each

character in the Five little monkeys
Ask children who want to take monkeys, song
mum and doctor role?
Provided the materials

(Alaleeli, 2017)
Provide big carpet so, the children can jump flexible
and without physical contact with each other to
avoid any infection

Search for bigger class.

Provide monkeys dresses for monkey character.

(Alaleeli, 2017)
Eventually implemented in front of an audience of
peers :

Involved children to preforming activity by

Teach children the movements and actions by papered the environment and provide materials
used Albert Bandura approach by modeling the for the preforming. According to Froebel he said
movement in each part in front of them. According the The classroom should be a
to Bandura child had the ability to perform the prepared environment.
behavior that the model has just demonstrated.

For example: For example:

when I sing jumping on the bed I jumped, so the

children observed a action and turned to imitated.
(Shirley & Peter, 2011, p. 53)

(Spielgaben, 2013)

(Alaleeli, 2017)

Some children are refused

Shortage of time to took monkeys

How I deal with this issues? How I deal with this issues?

Discuss with student and

Took them in Monday and
justified the monkey role
Wednesday just10 minutes from
Used positive reinforcements
art lesson

(McLeod, 2015)
Compare and contrast :

Froebel : Vygotsky :

His methodology concern to teach the whole child in all His theory focus in cognitive development and social development Theory.
development areas, which include socially, academically,
emotionally and physically.

Children learn through movements. According to Froebel he Child learn through interact with other cooperative learning . Stat to
believe that movement is imperative for young learners Vygotsky he believe that learning by the child occurs through social
Children learn through playing and hand-on play activities.
According to Frobel he think that play is purposeful and not

Don't focus in language development Focuses in language development. According to Vygotsky believed that
language develops from social interactions, for communication purposes

(Spielgaben, 2013)
(Linda, 2005, p. 40, 41)

Froebel : Vygotsky :

Child understand if the teacher

guides and led.
Stat to Frobel methodology he considered Vygotsky claimed that guided learning within
the teacher should serve as a guide to help the ZPD led to greater understanding/performance
child to understanding than working alone

Child can create and build his\her knowledge

through discovery and explore.
According to Frobel methodology he believe According to Vygotsky he believes that young
that child learn and create his\her own idea children are curious and actively involved in their
by him self own learning and the discovery and development of
new understandings/schema
Support social Skill.
(Spielgaben, 2013)
(Linda, 2005, p. 40, 41)
Compare and contrast :

Waldorf: Skinner:

His methodology based on an understanding of child development and His theory based behaviorism and operant conditioning.
who children learn.

Children learn through all senses. He didnt agree with that.

He encourage children thinking, creativity and imagination skill.

According to Waldorf he said that Imagination is at the heart of
learning His theory don't support skills.

His methodology develop children life skill. According to Waldorf

methodology he considered that life-skills are imperative to a
complete education

Didnt concern in mange child behavior He identify 3 types of responses or operant that can follow behavior
which are:
Positive reinforcement- Negative reinforcement- Punishment
(Spielgaben, 2013)
(McLeod, 2015)
Justify my own teaching position:

Froebel Mythology:

Why? How?
I give children instructions and direction of movements.
- Because, his methodology encourages children to Froebel methodology, it's believed that teacher should
interact and work with materials, which assist children serve as a guide to help lead a child to understand.
in figuring out how to use it and practice the LO.
Encourage children to move and develop their physical,
- It helps children to understand their role as creative fine and motor skills. Stat to Frobel methodology he said
beings. For example, if he took doctor role he will be that movement is imperative for young learners.
able to comprehension the doctor behavior.
Prepared environment and provided materials. Froebel
- Because, his methodology supports children claimed that classroom should be a
independence by giving them the freedom to explore prepared environment.
their own ideas, through applying hands-on activities.
(Dyke, 2017 )
(Spielgaben, 2013)
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