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My Town

TIME IN 1253.
This is the Coat of arms and the map of Raseiniai
This is our Saltinis Progymnasium. One photo was taken from our school stadium,
which is on the hill behind the school building. You can see our school from the top of
the hill, and even the Church in the distance from the window.
Magde's Well is the only remaining one of the 3 famous town wells
which date back to the beginning of the 20th century. The legend says
that the tasty water in it never freezes or dries out. This well is in the
same street as our school so it is often the meeting place before going
somewhere as a class.
This is a chapel. It was built for
the despised and now dead
partisans of 1944-1953. It's on
our way to school.
This is Raseiniai Art School. Lots of our progymnasium students
attend it to learn to play different musical instruments, to sing
or dance.
This is the monument Zemaitis, built in 1933. It symbolizes our
people's desire for freedom and independence. You can see Raseiniai
Municipality building in the background and in the photo on the right.
The Church of Assumption of Blessed Mary Virgin in
Raseiniai which was built in 1782.
This is the monastery of Raseiniai city. It was built in 1787. The Monastery
has about 1112 books in the Polish and Russian languages. There was a
canteen for the poor established by the monks and they also took care of
This is the largest library of our district on the left Raseiniai Marcelijus
Martinaitis public library. And you can see the only hotel in the centre of
the town on the right.
This is the main park of Raseiniai, in which most annual festivals are organised. In the
distance there is a basketball court and a playground. Everybody loves the place.

The Lynx is the newest sculptural composition, opened on

October 19 this year in Maironis Park. Most of us pass it
every morning and afternoon on their way to school and
back. The Lynx has a magic tale - if you touch it and make
a wish, it comes true:)
A small park opposite the Town Library is called The
Square of Defenders of Independence. In its centre there
is the city clock and lots of benches to sit on and relax in
good weather both in winter and in summer.
Siluva Village and its Church is the spiritual
pilgrimage center for the Catholics. It is
believed that the Blessed Virgin Mary
appeared at the church and holding the
baby Jesus in her arms and weeping
bitterly. In 1993, iluva was honoured by the
visit of the Pope John Paul II.
This is a very popular place among diners and fishers. There is a fish restaurant, a
swimming pool and lots of ponds where you can go fishing when in the homestead.
The Lyduvnai Railway Bridge is one of the longest bridges in Lithuania.
It is 599 metres long and 45 metres high. It crosses the river Dubysa. It is
located in Lyduvnai, about 20 kilometres away from our town.
This is our Christmas tree in the town square