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Virgin of

Candelaria Festival
Considered folklore capital of
Peru and America, Puno is
famous for its varied and
impressive cultural event,
whose highest expression is
the feast of the Virgin of
Candelaria, also called
"Mamacha Candelaria", it is the
patron of the city, associated
the worship of the earth or
"Pachamama" that symbolizes
purity and fertility. viaje-puno-atractivos-gratuitos-441504
First Story:
It is said that in times of struggles between colonial
and patriot army, the city of Puno was besieged by a
large group of rebels led by warlord Aymara Tupac
Katari and Pedro Vilcapaza, who continued with the
revolution started by Tupac Amaru II.

In early 1781, the rebels tried to take the city, the

small number of people defended themselves with
great courage, but because they were fewer in
individuals they couldnt fight such ferocious attack.

Desperate villagers chose to take the Virgin in

procession, after imploring her protection all night,
villagers watched dumbfounded as the enraged
assailants left the scene.

Second Story:
The Virgin appeared to a native of the area who
looked after the village of his master, which was Photo by Chimi Fotos/Flickr
located on banks of a creek in the foothills of Mount
The Feast in honor of Virgin of
Candelaria, patron of the city of
Puno, is made in the first
fortnight of February each year,
and represents the largest and
most important cultural event,
musical and dancing by Peru,
and one of the three most
significant in South America
along with Carnival in Rio de
Janeiro and the Carnaval de
Oruro, in the amount of
symbols and artistic and cultural
manifestations of the cultures
themselves Quechua, Aymara
and mixed by Highlands
Andean and the volume of people directly and indirectly
candelaria-mezcla-de-danza-color-y-mistica.html involved in its realization.
Celebration and activities
The statue of the Virgin is small, and it represents a virgin of very white complexion
and blushed cheeks. This Virgin is harbored in the Church of San Juan El Bautista.
In the afternoon's central day, the virgin statue leaves the church, and more than forty groups attired in
the costumes and masks classic in the culture of altiplano dance, join crowd. Without doubt the
outstanding groups are the Diablada, the Morenada, the Waka Waka, the Llamerada, the Tuntuna, the
Caporal King, the Kallahuallas, and the Sikuri groups.
ada-danza-peruana.html diablada-danza-peruana.html

On the main day, February 2, the virgin is led through the city in a colorful procession comprising priests,
altar boys, the faithful, Christians and pagans carefully maintaining the hierarchy. This is the moment
when the troupes of musicians and dancers take the scene, performing and dancing throughout the city.
The festival ends on February 18, with the procession to the image of the Candelarias virgin and a special
concert in the parade ground.
The dancers, blowing zampoa
panpipes and clad in spectacular
costumes and outlandish masks, make
their offerings to the earth goddess
Pachamama. The most impressive
masks, for their terrifying aspect, are
those of the deer fitted with long
twisted horns similar to the Devil, and
Jacancho, the god of minerals.

During the farewell, or cacharpari, the

dancers who fill the streets finally head
to the cemetery to render homage to candelaria-festivity-recognized-as-intangible-
the dead. cultural-heritage-of-humanity-533136.aspx
Keeping some precautions in mind, in this festival
the people can taste dishes such as
- Lechon al horno", baked pork marinated with
white wine, lemon and red pepper
- "Chairo", a soup prepared with lamb, "chalona",
a form of dried meat, green lima beans, potatoes de-Lechon-al-horno-receta-11887.html

and black "chuo" (dehydrated potato).

- On treks and excursions, it's good to take
"Huaitia" as a snack. This is a stew made with
potatoes and "ocas", a typical Andean plant,
prepared in a "curpa", or mud hearth kindled
with firewood, and served with slices of cheese.
-For dessert, there are "quesillo" boiled cheese
fritters, fried in oil and served with honey.