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Dr. Zuraidah Ali 1

The Students will be able to

Restate the concept of Cy-prs

Apply the doctrine of Cy-prs
Solve and relate the doctrine of Cy-prs
to the present circumstances

Dr. Zuraidah Ali 2

derived from Norman-French term :ici-pres
which means near this
aussi pres : as near as possible
The courts are willing for the funds to be
applied to other objects which are as near as
possible to the settlors intention.

Dr. Zuraidah Ali 3

The Law
In England there is an express provision
on Cy-prs under the Charity Act 1993,
ss13(1) & 13(2)

In Malaysia-there is no provision
on Charity neither on Cy-prs

Dr. Zuraidah Ali 4

Depends very much of the width of the
charitable intent
Divided into two:
1) Initial Failure
2) Subsequent Failure /Supervening

Dr. Zuraidah Ali 5

Initial Failure
Property is given to charity which ceases to exist at
the date the gift takes effect.
The charitable organisation existed at the when the
gift was made but ceased on the date it is to be
Eg : A make a will to give RM1million to XXX
charity in 1995 . A died in 2002. XXX charity
ceased in 2000.

Dr. Zuraidah Ali 6

1)Width of charitable intent
Where a charitable trust fails as being
effective on the date of the gift, the gift will
lapse of the property will apply cy pres
Only if the court finds a wider intent, cy pres
will be applicable.

Dr. Zuraidah Ali 7

RE RYMER [1984] 1 Ch 143
A legacy to the rector for the time being of ST
Thomas Seminary for the education of the price for
the diocese of Westminister.
When the testator died the Seminary ceased to exist
and students has been transferred to another
seminary in Birmingham
Held : Gift failed

Dr. Zuraidah Ali 8

Buckley J : The task of the court : to consider whether
it was an essential part of the testators intention that
his benefaction should be carried into effect in all
respects in the particular manner indicated and no
other OR
Whether his true intention was to make a gift for
charitable purposes without qualification

Dr. Zuraidah Ali 9

In only the latter case the court will, if it
carry the testators true intention into
effect in some way cy pres.. and in so
doing the court is not departing from the
testators intention but giving effect to his
true paramount intention.

Dr. Zuraidah Ali 10

Where there was a gift for non-existent
charity, it was easier to find the charitable
intent in a case where the institution had never
existed than it was in the case where the
identifiable institution had ceased to exist

Dr. Zuraidah Ali 11

IN Re Lysaght [1966] Ch. 191
Ttrix gave fund to the RCS to found some medical
studentships with some restriction.
The RCS refused to accept the gift and such refusal
will caused the gift to fail.
Ct There was a paramount intention.

Dr. Zuraidah Ali 12

Re Valibhoy Charitable Trust [1975] 1
MLJ 187
The testator left 1/3 of his net estate on
trust for education purposes to be
performed in India.
It was impracticable to administer the
trusts for lack of funds and through
uncoorperative attitude of the relevant
authorities in Gujerat State.
Held : The will indicated an intention
Dr. Zuraidah Ali 13
b) Defunct or non existent charity
1) Re Harwood (1936) Ch 285
A testatrix died in 1934. Left 200 to the Wisbech
Peace Society and 300 to the Peace Society in
Wisbech Society had existed prior to 1934 but
ceased by the date to exist.
No evidence that the Peace Society of Belfast had
ever existed.

Dr. Zuraidah Ali 14

Re Satterwaithes Will Trust [1966] 1
WLR 277.
The testatrix left all her estate in equal
shares to nine named animal societies
which she had selected randomly from a
telephone directory. One of the societies
was the London Animal Hospital which
did not exist but a veterinary surgeon had
once practised under this name.
Held : Cy-pres could be applied.

Dr. Zuraidah Ali 15

c) Continuation of Charity in Another
Re Faraker (1912) 2 CH 48
A gift to Mrs Bayleys Charity Rotherhithe.
A number of local charities had been
consolidated under a scheme by the Charity
Commission in 1905 and funds were held in
various trusts for the benefit of the poor in
COA : the Bayly trusts had not been destroyed
by the scheme and that the consolidated
charities were entitled to the legacy.
```` Dr. Zuraidah Ali 16
Malaysian Cases
MLJ 78
[1956] 1 MLJ 142

Dr. Zuraidah Ali 17