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Best Practice For The Care of

Patients with Tuberculosis: A

guide for low-income countries
Universal TB Care Essential

Best practice for the care of people
with TB
History: First edition published in 2007 and used in over 20 countries since then that we know of
Based on current best practice in low income countries and therefore realistic
Follows the patient from before diagnosis to the completion of treatment
Encourages local problem-solving
Positive feedback from nurses using the guide in a variety of ways:
Kenya guide used for training nurses, community HWs, clinical officers and cleaners
Russia guide used to train nursing students
Zimbabwe nurses given guides and found them easily applied in practice more copies requested
Mozambique nurses refer to guide to solve specific problems
Latvia guide use to evaluate and improve practice more copies requested
Zambia nurses reported how useful the guide was following ICN training more copies requested
Brazil nurses finding the guide useful in practice
Whats new in the 2nd Edition?

Collaboration between ICN and the

Takes account of End TB Strategy
Additional guidance at every stage of
the patients pathway on infection
prevention and control
New content regarding the care of
people with drug resistant TB
Why is good quality care so important?

Dr Paula I Fujiwara,
Scientific Director of The
Union, said: The Guide is
a crucial tool that is
strengthening healthcare
systems right at their
heart. It is led by the
patients needs and is
being used to empower
the staff who work with TB
patients every single day.

Dr Carrie Tudor, ICN TB Project Director

Dr Paula Fujiawara and the Publications team at the Union
The writing team: Sirinapha Jittimanee, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand; Evita Biraua,
State Agency of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases, Latvia; Paula I. Fujiwara, The Union;
Riitta Dlodlo, The Union; Rajita Bhavaraju, New Jersey Medical School Global
Tuberculosis Institute at Rutgers; Ann Raftery, Curry International Tuberculosis Center,
University of California, San Francisco
TB Alert

The ICN TB Project is supported by a United United Way Worldwide grant made possible by
the generosity of Lilly Foundation on behalf of the Lilly MDR-TB Partnership.