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The classification of material is

divide by five
-advanced material

Metal , ceramic ,and polymer are

individual materials

Composite is composed two or more

individual materials
What is metal ??
Metal is material that is typically hard ,opaque(not transparents),
shiny and has good electrical and thermal conductivity.
Metals are generally malleable(capable of being extended or shaped
by hammering or by pressure from rollers)
There are 91 over 118 metal in periodic table prove us there are many
type of metal
Composed one ore more metallic elements
- iron
- aluminium
- copper
- titanium
- gold
- nickel
Atom in metals and their alloy are arranged in a very orderly manner
High densities
-A body possesses a high concentration of mass

-the physical property of being inflexible and hard to bend

-capable of large amounts of deformation without fracture

Good conductors of electricity and heat

- Can conduct electricity and heat efficiently

Transparent to visible light

-a polished metal surface has a lustrous appearance
What is Polymer
A polymer is composed of many simple molecules that are repeating
structural unit called monomers
A single polymer molecule may consist of hundres to a million
monomers and may have a linear, branched , or network structure
Convalent bonds hold the atoms in the polymer molecules together
and secondary bonds then hold groups of plymer chains to form the
poymetric material
Copolymers are polymers composed of two or more different types of
Polymer are include plastic and rubber materials.

Many of them are chemically based on :

-other non metallic elements
Have very large molecular structures . Often chain-like in nature that
have a backbone of carbon atoms.

-polyethylene (PE)
-polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
-polycarbonate (PC)
-polystyrene (PS)
-silicon rubber
Low densities
- A body possesses a low concentration of mass

Not stiff
-the physical property of being not inflexible and easy to bend

Ductile and pliable (soft)

-easily formed into complex shapes

Poor conductor of heat and electricity

-Can not conduct electricity and heat efficiently
Composed of one Atom in metals and their
alloys are arranged in very
or more metallic elements orderly manner
Good conductor of electricity
Widespread use in
and heat
structural applications

Not transparent to
invisible light
Mechanical charateristics

Resistant to
Stiff and ductile fracture
Iron Aluminium Copper

Titanium Gold Nickel


Organic compounds
that are chemically
based on:

carbon hydrogen

Other non
metallic elements
polyethylene nylon polystyrene

Silicone rubber