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The Hadiaris de


By Wesley Fink, Derek Dela Cruz, and

Nicholas Hadiaris
What is the Hadiaris de Finkster?

Cars these days destroy our environment and

are just too slow for our modern needs. We
need something thats fast, cheap, and eco
friendly. Thats the problem the Hadiaris de
Finkster tries to solve. The Hadiaris de
Finkster is a public transport vehicle to help
get people from one part of a city to another.
Just have the the capsule (the wooden box in
the model) at one stop and the cable (the
rubber bands in the model) at another and the
capsule will fly quickly bringing people to the
stop where the cable is. Enjoy the rest of our
presentation as we detail the rest of the
Our Machine:




Performance Graph: d v t
Time Data Points

0-1 m: 0.69 s

1-2 m: 0.34 s

2-3 m: 0.33 s

3-4 m: 0.34 s

4-5 m: 0.6 s

Total Time: 2.3 s

Performance Graph: v v t
Velocity Data Points

0-1 m: 1.4 m/s

1-2 m: 2.9 m/s

2-3 m: 3.3 m/s

3-4 m: 2.9 m/s

4-5 m: 1.6 m/s

Average Velocity: 2.42 m/s

Performance Graph: Energy

Initial PE =

175.26 J

0-1 m: 1.856 W

1-2 m: 16.078 W

2-3 m: 21.45 W

3-4 m: 16.078 W

4-5 m: 2.773 W

Average Power: 11.647 W

How We Used Friction

Friction is what helps make the vehicle stop. The vehicle would go over 5m because there was
so much force and so little friction. In order to counter this, we added a 500g weight. This would
add more mass to the vehicle, increasing friction because of the increased force on the ground.

The extra mass would also decrease speed, making the friction acting in the opposite direction
more effective at stopping the vehicle.
Main Selling Points

Why our vehicle? Here are a few reasons why:

Eco Friendly: Many forms of transport use fossil fuels that put our environment in
danger. The Hadiaris de Finkster is 100% eco friendly releasing 0 harmful
chemicals into our atmosphere.
Price: The Hadiaris de Finkster is easy on the wallet too. With a single car and
cable combo costing about $35 with bulk discount available.
Prestige: With our vehicle, your city will have some of the most cutting edge
transport in the world. Riders will feel the cool air in their face as they get to see
the beautiful landscape.

If you want to impress her, buy the Hadiaris de Finkster!


Mass of Vehicle: 1.3 kg

Length of Rubber Bands: 1.67 m

Time to Travel 5 m: 2.3 s

Spring Constant: 31.61 J

Spring Potential Energy: 175.26 J

Peak Kinetic Energy: 7.0785 J