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Charlie Chaplin

About Charlie Chaplin

• 1889/4/16 -1977/12/25
• Born in
London ,England
• went to America
• died in Switzerland

• An anti-war man & A

comedian & a
direction & A
Family background

• Father : Charles Spencer

Chaplin Sr.
• a vocalist and an actor
• an alcoholic
• died of alcoholism
Family background

• Mother : Hannah Chaplin

• a singer and an actress
• suffered from mental illness
• died in 1928 in Hollywood
• both were music entertainers
• separated before Charlie was

• had been in a school for

paupers for a short time

• forged a close relationship in

order to survive

• started earning money by

About the“comedy make-up“

• the baggy pants

• the tight coat
• the small hat
• the large shoes
• a small moustache

• was knighted at age eighty-five as a

Commander of the British Empire
by Queen Elizabeth II
Relationships with
• Hetty Kelly - Chaplin's "true" first love
• Mildred Harris
• Lita Grey
• Pola Negri
• Oona O‘Neill

Edna Purviance Mildred Harris

Charlie & Oona O‘Neill

Charlie & Oona O‘Neill & their kids Sydney EarleChaplin

Career & Movies
• 1894 first performance onstage
• 1914 first performance in “Making a Living ”
• 1915 -17 “Easy Street ”, “The Adventurer”
• 1918 found company and become a director
“A dog’s life”, “Shoulder Arms”
• 1922 “Pay Day”
• 1923 “A Woman of Paris”
Career & Movies
• 1925 “The Gold Rush”
• 1928 “The Circus”
• 1931 “City Lights”
• 1936 “Modern Times”
• 1940 first sound film“The Great Dictator”
• 1953 “Limelight”
• 1967 his last movie“A Countess from
Hong Kong ”
City Lights

one of the highest movie

in America movie

Funny & Touching

• Chaplin is a tramp meets a blind
girl who sell flowers on the street.

• Chaplin fall in love with her but

the girl thought he was a

• Chaplin got many job to

help her.
• Chaplin he runs into a drunken
millionaire and looked after him.

• The millionaire gave one thousand

to Chaplin to help the girl pay for
rent of apartment and to
cure her eyes.
• Unfortunately, the millionaire
forgot Chaplin and accused of
stealing the money when the
millionaire is sober.

• Chaplin was imprisoned .

• After released searching for the
girl on the same corner .

• The girl feels his hand, she

realizes that it is familiar , "You?"
said the girl.

• Chaplin nervously nodded and

"You can see now?" She squeezes
his hand and replies, "Yes, I can
see now."
Let’s look look!

• city lights -- funny

• city lights ending—touching

• city lights music

About modern time

• Filmed between 1932 and 1936,

produced by Chaplin himself
• This is social protest film
• that it is a quasi-silent film.
Modern time

• Main concerns ((echo those of

millions of people at the time –
unemployment, poverty, and

• The Tramp also finds himself dealing

with various authority figures
SHORT MOVIE-Modern time
• Factory worker (Charlie Chaplin)
whose job is to tighten bolts on an
endless series of machine parts.

• The key to successful is to“ perform

his movements and tasks with clock-
like tempo and precision ”
• He holds wrenches in both hands
to tighten nuts on a long stream
of steel plates carried on the
conveyor belt production line.

• During a short break, he cannot

stop the rhythmic movements of
his nut-tightening work has left
him with a nervous tick.
• A "Big Brother" - his employer in the
men's room reprimands him "Hey,
quit stalling. Get back to work. Go

• Tramp is so programmed that he

starts tightening buttons on a
woman's bottom and people’s noses .
Modern time

• The doctor offers some advice:

"Take it easy and avoid excitement.“

• The Tramp wearing his familiar outfit,

joins a large number of people who are
unemployed, since the economy is
depressed, and factories are closed.
Modern time –music

“Whatever happens,
just keep smiling!!!!!”

Sang by Charlie Chaplin

Smile by Charlie Chaplin
Smile though your heart is aching
Smile even though it's breaking
When there are clouds in the sky
You'll get by
If you smile through your fear and sorrow
Smile and maybe tomorrow
You‘ll see the sun come shining through For you

Light up your face with gladness

Hide every trace of sadness
Although a tear
May be ever so near
That's the time you must keep on tryin'
Smile, what's the use of cryin'
You'll find that life is still worthwhile
If you'd just smile

• Charlie Chaplin’s life 林芷儀

• The movie - modern time 鍾宜芯
• The movie - City Light 魏培真
• Career & movies林漪寒