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Possessive Adjectives

Atik Rokhayani, S.Pd, M.Pd

Possessive Adjectives
We use possessive adjectives to show who owns
or "possesses" something. The possessive
adjectives are:
• my, your, his, her, its, our, their
• whose (interrogative)
possessive example
Number Person gender
adjective sentence

This is my
1st male/female my
I like your
2nd male/female your
His name is
Male his
Singular "John".
Her name
female her
3rd is "Mary".
The dog is
neuter its licking its
We have sold our
1st male/female our

Your children are

Plural 2nd male/female your

The students
3rd their thanked their

singular 1st/2nd male/female Whose phone did

/plural /3rd (not neuter) you use?
• Compare:
• your = possessive adjective
you're = you are
• its = possessive adjective
it's = it is OR it has
• their = possessive adjective
they're = they are
there = adverb (I'm not going there / look over
there / there is a car outside)
• whose = possessive adjective
who's = who is OR who has
• Be careful! There is no apostrophe (')
in the possessive adjective "its". We
use an apostrophe to write the short
form of "it is" or "it has".
• For example:
it's raining = it is raining
it's finished = it has finished
• I'm taking my dog to the vet. It's
broken its leg.
Replace the personal pronouns by possessive
1. Where is (my) book?
2. Here is (our) teacher.
3. She goes to school with (her) brother.
4. (Their) father works in a car factory.
5. (Your) laptop is very expensive.
6. (His) favorite hobby is tennis.
7. (My) husband and I want to go to Paris.
8. We want to see (its) historical monuments.
9. Leila likes (her) dog !
10. (Its) name is Bobby.
• Choose the right possessive adjective:
1. Two students didn't do (their) mathematics homework.
2. I have a car (my) car is black.
3. We have a dog. (Its) name is Pancho.
4. Nancy is from England. (Her) husband is from Australia.
5. Farid and Nadia go to a high school. (Their) little brother
goes to primary school.
6. Mr O'Brian has a van. (His) van is very old.
7. We go to a high school. (Our) high school is fantastic.
8. I like singing. (My) mother sings with me.
9. François and Alain are French. (Their) family are from
10. Mary loves (her) grandmother. She often visits her.