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The Title of Your Essay

• The title of your essay is the first thing that
reader’s see
• It should reflect your tone and subject
• It should be interesting and unique
• It should make reader’s want to read
Examples of Published Titles
(Remember: Since your title is not published, it will not have any quotation marks
around it. It will only have the major words capitalized.)
“To Infinity and Beyond”
“The Wrong Kind of Love”
“Police Brutality: Every Street, U.S.A.”
“Mario and the Art of Retaining Memory”
“The Boy Look”
“Sacred Rite or Civil Right?”
The First Sentence: The Hook: The
The first sentence of your essay is of major
importance because it can either keep your
audience reading or cause them to abandon the
Some tips:
• A paradox- Ex: “What a pity that youth must be
wasted on the young.” – George Bernard Shaw
• Statistic or Shocking statement- 1 of every 8
women in the U.S. will develop breast cancer
over the course of a lifetime reports the
American Cancer Society.
• A question- What do most teenagers own and
can’t live without?
• A famous quote:
More tips:
-A relevant story, joke, or anecdote
-A description (appeal to pathos)
-A factual statement or summary
-An analogy or comparison
-A contrast or before and after scenario
-Statement of a problem or misconception
-Brief dialogue to introduce the topic
-A proverb, maxim, or motto
-A recognition or insight
-An appeal to a common or imagined experience
• Lead in should not be the thesis
• Having an out of context lead in
• Long lead ins (Get to the point)
• Apologies or complaints
• Explain anything unknown
• Think outside of the box; stay clear of
overused hooks.
After the Lead In
The Introduction
-One Sentence= the hook/lead in
-Two/three sentences-introduce the topic in
general terms with subsequent narrowing.
-Last sentence is the thesis statement
Example of Narrative Intro
Bare feet, kissing cousins, and outhouses:
these are all stereotypes that have been
associated with being from the South. From
books to the movies, Southerners have often
been portrayed as odd and backwards, giving
the rest of the nation this absurd idea of
Southern people. The truth is that Southerners
are one of a kind, known for their loyalty,
kindness, and ingenuity.
Another Example
According to the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention (CDC), there are over 29 million
Americans who have diabetes of some type, and
the number is growing. For some people, it is
easy to pick up a candy bar or a soda and eat it
without worry about the consequences. For me,
it can be a matter or life or death. I have had
diabetes since a young age, and it is a life
changing illness that becomes normal in a sense.

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