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Freak Food PVT.


Presented By (Group-8)
Siddhanta Chatterjee.
Shadhra Bhutra.
Why Food industry:-

• It is a growing sector.
• It is a kind of basic need.
• It serves the people one of the basic need (Hunger).
Unique selling proposition
Change In India’s Economy

• Growing economy.
• Consumption boom.
• Rising Income level.
• Changing food habits.
4 Ps Of Marketing

• Product.
• Price.
• Place.
• Promotion.

• It’s a concept of puffed rice in different flavors.

• Different types of packs are available.
• Desi maza, Healthy and testy, Chocolate.

• Three types of packs are available. (10 Rs, 5 Rs, 3 Rs).

• These three flavours may attract the children.


• We are targeting the semi urban area.

• These areas are now a days growing and need a high demand of packaged
• Children are not interested and price affordability of these areas are not
much for these type of foods.
Promotional Stretegy

• Fairs in different seasons.

• Buy one get one free offer.
• Free diet-rusk biscuits.
Target Customers:-

• Children below 12 years.

• School/College Students.

• Working people
Cost Of the project:-

• The cost of the project is 50 lakhs.

• Startup expenses: This include:- legal work, logo design, brochures, site selection
and improvements, and other expenses.
• Startup assets: Typical startup assets are cash (in the form of the money in the
bank when the company starts), and in many cases starting inventory. Other starting
assets are both current and long-term, such as equipment, office furniture,
Generating Of fund:-

• Equity:- 20 Lakhs.
• Loan:- Bank loan 20 lakhs.
• Distributorship and C&F :- 50 thousands for distributorship and 1 lakh for
Cost sheet and profit estimation:-
Particulars Amount Amount

Opening Stock of Raw Material 200000

Add: Purchase of Raw materials 50000
Add: Purchase Expenses 30000
Less: Closing stock of Raw Materials 100000
Raw Materials Consumed 35000
Direct Wages (Labour) 2000

Prime cost (1) 143000

Add :- Factory Rent 30000

Factory Power 15000
Supervisor Salary 10000


Cost of Production (3)

Add: Opening stock of Finished Goods 230000
Less: Closing stock of Finished Goods 100000

Cost of Goods Sold 328000

Add:- Sales man Commission 5000

Sales man salary 15000
Traveling Expenses 3000
Advertisement 35000

Cost of Sales (5) 386000

Profit (balancing figure) 114000

Sales 500000