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Lesson 1 TLE –

Industrial Arts
Enhancing & Decorating
Finished Product
• There are many ways or method use
on how to decorate finished
products. Finishing materials are
commonly used in decorating wood,
bamboo, and metal products.

• Fillers are applied o wood to fill up the cracks

and holes and grooves. There are two kinds of
wood fillers.
• A. Paste Fillers - it comes from silex, raw
linseed oil, and turpentine. It has colors of
natural, red, or golden oak.
• B. Shellac Fillers – this is a kind of varnish that
dries up easily and is not waterproof. It is
available in white or orange color.
• The common wood stain used are oil stain,
water stain, and spirit stain which are named
after the solvent used.
• Stains are sold in different colors and shades.
The easiest to apply on the wood is oil stain.
• The hardest one to apply is the spirit stain
because it dries up easily.

• A finishing material most commonly used

on wood.
• Paints prevents moisture on the wood
which causes decay.
• Paints enhances and beautify wooden and
steel objects that makes it easy to clean.

• This is a transparent finishing material

that comes from gum, linseed oil, and
resin. It is hard and shiny when dry
and gives sheen to the wooden
project. Varnish is widely used in
furniture and upholstery making.
• This is a kind of varnish
with color. Powdered
color pigments are
mixed with the varnish .
It is used on wood that
is not exposed to the
sun or rain because it
easily fades.
Two Kinds of Enamel
• Gloss – enamel that
gives sheen and has
an attractive effect
on wood.
• Non-Gloss –
enamel that does
not give sheen, but
beautifies the
• Is another kind of
varnish made of
melted cotton
tinters, gum or
chemicals . Like
enamel, lacquer
comes in
different colors.
Choose the letter of the correct answer:

1. Fillers comes from silex and

a. Shellac
b. Varnish
c. Paste Filler
d. Paint
2. A kind of varnish that is not
a. Paint
b. Enamel
c. Shellac
d. Lacquer
3. A transparent finishing material that
comes from gum, linseed oil, and resin.
a. Varnish
c. Stains
• 4. A kind of stain that is easiest to
apply on wood.

a. Spirit stain
b. Oil Stain
c. Fillers
d. Paint
• 5. It prevents moisture on the wood
that causes decay.
a. Enamel
b. Varnish
c. Paint
d. lacquer