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an Integrated smart series of MTG for

Class 1 to 5
A two semester books for each class covers entire
syllabus with learning activities.

Class 1 Class 2

Semester Semester
1 1

Semester Semester Class 5

2 2



Class 3 Class 4

Semester Semester
1 1

Semester Semester
2 2

English Mathematics

Science Computers

English Content
 This section is a mixture of Prose and poetry.
 help learners to master LSWR (listening, speaking, writing & reading) skills.
 highlighted difficult words with their meaning
 Each chapter in this section is comprise of:-
i. Warm up scope
ii. Read Scope
iii. Grammar scope
iv. Word scope
v. Write scope
vi. Phonic scope
vii. Listen scope
viii. Talk scope
ix. Picture scope
x. Fun & Play Scope
xi. Test Scope exercise (Question & Answers, Objectives, Fill in the blanks)
xii. Hots (high Order thinking Skills)
Activity in English with learning methods
Mathematics in Treasure is indulge with

 wrap up section for quick review the lesson

 Activity section to check the learning ability
 high order thinking Skills (HOTS) section to develop logical thinking and
 Lab activities and projects to make learning fun
 Conceptual day to day activity based examples
 Solutions of each lessons
Learn Numbers, Lines & Angles with Activity and Examples
Learn ADDITION, SUBTRACTION, Perimeter & Area with Word Fun and Real
Situation based Examples
Learn MULTIPLICATION, DIVISION, Time & Money with easy tricks and
logical thinking
Ready to learn Factors & Multiples, Measurement & Fractions with lab activities
and Illustrated examples
Science in TREASURE
 nurture the inquisitive mind with Asking, Learning, Observing & exploring activity.
Each chapter of Science covers complete range of Questions
 Objective type questions Watch words with definition to understand the
 Fill in the blanks fundamental words of topic.

 Match the following

 Circle the odd one out
 True or false
 Very short answer type questions
 Short answer type questions
 Long answer type questions
 HOTS questions Recall the major points of lesson by let us recall
 Value based questions section
 Indoor activity
 Outdoor activity
Computers in TREASURE
 Explain step by step innovative activity
 Making familiar to the computer’s learners
 Comprehensive section on windows 8.1 and MS Office 2013.
 Detailed practical application of the computers.
 Group Activity & Points to Remember
 Wide –ranging Practice Test Papers
 Emphasize the shortcut keys and toolbar
Computer Inside
General Knowledge in Treasure
 Supported up-to-date information
 It is packed with……
I. Language and literature
II. Science and technology
III. Sports world
IV. Around the world
V. Life skills
VI. Entertainment
VII. Maths fun
VIII. Crosswords
GK Inside