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Submitted to: Prof. Carlos Luis

Submitted by:
James Fernandes
Kalpana Jain
Amruta Rele
Aditi Save
Jyoti Tavare
Rashmi Walanj

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Performance Review Discussion
‡ Defined as the help provided by a
manager to his subordinates in
analyzing their performance and their
job behaviors in order to increase their
job effectiveness.

‡ It focuses on the analysis of

performance on the job, and
identification of training needs for further
‡ The purpose of this discussion and
feedback is to provide your staff with
information, advice and assistance they
need to contribute fully to the
achievement of your organization¶s
objectives and, where the person fails to
make the required contribution, to
demonstrate that you have made an
appropriate effort to assist them.
Situations for counseling
Counseling Need Symptoms
Counseling techniques
Role Play
÷oal of PRD
‡ The goal of performance review
discussion is not to make the employee
feel bad, or to show how much the HR
professional or the superior knows .
‡ The goal is to work with the employee to
solve performance problems and
improve the work of the employee, the
Team, and the Department
Steps in PRD
‡ ÷athering the necessary information,
and planning an appropriate counseling
strategy (considering the personality of
the employee)
‡ Being firm regarding non-negotiable
performance standards.
‡ Not getting personal, but sticking to the
facts, and pointing out the negative
impact of the unacceptable performance
or behavior.
Steps in PRD (cont..)
‡ Ensuring the employees commitment to
an agreed plan of action (and by
following up on this)
‡ Retaining ± and even enhancing - the
employee¶s level of self-esteem,
motivation and loyalty.
‡ Understanding both the employee¶s and
the employer¶s legal rights with respect
to performance counseling.
Performance Review Discussion Worksheet
Employees thoughts about past performance and expectations for the future

‡ Job Knowledge and skills

‡ Quality of Work
‡ Work Productivity
‡ Dependability
‡ Judgment
‡ Adaptability
‡ Interpersonal Skills
‡ Communication Skills
‡ Supervision
‡ Other areas critical to success on the job
‡ Summary of past year¶s accomplishments

Appraisal Process
÷oals and Objectives Setting
Self Appraisal



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Self Appraisal

* Nature and scope of responsibility

* Achievements/tasks done, measured
with either time or quantity or saving in
* Qualitative achievements
* Strengths
* Weaknesses
* Training Needs
Process of PRD In L&T