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LD Slag Name and Logo

• The vibrant logo indicates the strength and trust the product possesses
• The tagline “Naye India ka Naya Bharosa” focuses on Tata LD Slag playing a trusted role in the
development of the nation
Brand Activation
Advertising Sales Promotion PR Personal Selling Direct Marketing
Print and broadcast ads Premiums and gifts Press kits Sales Presentation Catalogs
Packaging outer Sampling Speeches Sales Meetings Mailings
Packaging inserts Fairs and trade shows Seminars Fairs and trade Fax Mail
Brochures and booklets Exhibits Annual Reports E-mail
Posters and leaflets Demonstrations Charitable Donations Voice Mail
Directories Rebates Sponsorships
Reprints of ads Entertainment Publications
Billboards Trade-in allowances Community relations
Display Signs Continuity Programs Lobbying
Point-of-purchase displays Tie-ins Identify media
Audiovisual material Company Magazine
Symbols and logos Events

Immediate ( 0-6 months of launch )

Medium Term (0-12 months )
Sustained ( >12 months )
Brand Activation
Immediate- These activities
will be carried out during the
initial launch of the product
and will continue for about 6

Medium Term – These

activities will be initiated from
Brand Activation activities to
the beginning till the time the
be divided into three phases
products have gained a
foothold in the market

Sustained – These activities

will be done at regular
intervals and form part of the
sustainable initiatives
Pricing Strategy
• Refer attached Excel

• Selling Price of LD Slag to be used per KM for 4-lane NH = Rs 5 crores

• Selling Price = Rs 1937/MT of processed LD slag