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How To Make Weekly Report

Sample :
Customer (destination) :
CSA ← Input specifically the name of customer (destination) and area.

Purpose of visit :
Make a sellout report ← Input also areas name will be report.

Topics :
Give detail information of topics as you know
Bali : sellout bad / good ← (Detail information)
Semarang : Target achievement still small (2%) ← (Detail information)

Countermeasure : Monitoring report

Explain counter measure of the last visited, the next visit when will visit ? What will do ?
(PDCA & WH). Bring to internal meeting, make a solution.

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How To Make Weekly Report
Sample :
Customer (destination) :
Denpasar ← Input name of shop and area/city (Specifically).

Purpose of visit :
Attend salesman briefing ← give a reason of attend
Ex : Make more close relationship with dealer salesman, collect market information, etc.

Topics : Turn over salesman in dealer

Write name person who was attended, listen carefully topic being discus, make a result.
Result Ex : Dealer salesman only one can't cover sales area, and knowledge of battery,
sales ability (how to sell and explain) not good need to give training. In other's case, to
increase sales need routine visit to shops, make good relationship.

Countermeasure :
Hire salesman to handle FB ← Report to head department (Leo San) also Andreas San. If
okay, when will start and finish. Give some training, give the target. In case if don't hire,
go to shops with person who have the authority to determine price, etc than you. Re-
negotiate with customer, make a good deal.

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How Display
To Make In Japan
Weekly Report
(Flow of report)
PIC(submit on Tuesday) → Group leader → Manager Manager Group leader

Weekly report
PIC AHMAD FAUZI Give detail information of good thinks, bad thinks, Countermeasure :
Purpose of visit make more - Explain countermeasure of theCheck
last visitted
problems, progress, etc) Check on Wednesday on Tuesday
clearly. (PDCA & WH)
Input name of destination Ex :Submit a sellout report Bali : ← All Bali or only Denpasar (make clearly)
customer also
of Customer(Bali, Semarang, Batam) Semarang :
Purpose of visit Topics(info.
Batam : of competitor, problem etc.) Follow-up(countermeasure etc.)
(City)← Specifically
(dd/mm) week (Destination)
Ex : CSA Office-Tangerang

9-Oct Mon CSA Submit report Sellout area Bali, Semarang, Batam Monitoring report

10-Oct Tue CSA Request program sellout Provide selling out program new dealer Manado Waiting calculate by Leo san

11-Oct Wed CSA Sales call store Complain cliam battery MCC & AMC Feedback Wahyu Mandiri store

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