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m It is simply say that Low literacy and

employment rates and widespread

social stigma are making disabled
people among the most excluded in
India society. It is called disability.
m In other words we say that which person
are not able to do every thing like other
person it is also called disability.
m 2efinitions
m Socio-economic profile
m Attitudes to disability and disabled people
m Education
m Employment
m Health
m Social security
m Institutions and policies
m Accessibility
Types of Disabilities Number of Disabled Percentage
Seeing ˜ ˜ .55

Speech ˜  .

Hearing ˜˜ 5.

Movement ˜ 5 .

Mental ˜ ˜ .

Total ˜  ˜ .

@ : Census of India 2001

m The number of people with disabilities in India is substantial
and likely to grow - disability does not ´go awayµ as
countries get richer

m People with disabilities in India are subject to deprivation in

many dimensions of their lives.

m @ocial attitudes and stigma play an important role in limiting

the opportunities of disabled people for full participation in
social and economic life, often even within their own families.

m India has one of the more progressive disability policy

frameworks in the developing world. —owever, there remain
huge challenges in operationalizing the policy framework
m Increasing the status and social and economic participation
of people with disabilities would have positive effects on
everyone, not just disabled people.

m India has a vibrant and growing disability rights movement

and NGO/DPO and civil society involvement in service
delivery for people with disabilities.

m While there is a long way to go, focusing on ´getting the

basics rightµ on disability policy would allow for significant
progress in the foreseeable future.
m jIndia is in the process of
transforming itself into a developed
nation by    yet we have 5
million people who need literacy and
many more who have to acquire
employable skills to meet the needs
of emerging modern India and the

A. P.J. Kalam
m PW2 Act ˜5

m National Policy on Persons with 2isabilities  5

m Ratification of UN Convention on Rights of Persons with 2isabilities


m State Policies starting (e.g. Chhattisgarh

m Sector-specific policies emerging ² e.g. National Action Plan for

Inclusion in Education of Children and Youth with 2isabilities ²
m ë 

‰Institute for the Physically Handicapped New 2elhi.

‰ National Institute of Visually Handicapped 2ehradun
‰ National Institute for Orthopaedically Handicapped Kolkata
‰ National Institute for Mentally Handicapped Secunderabad.
‰ National Institute for Hearing Handicapped Mumbai
‰ National Institute of Rehabilitation Training & Research
‰ National Institute for Empowerment of Persons with Multiple
2isabilities Chennai.
m 2NI ² September   Issue
m High Court asked 2elhi government to send children with
disabilities to school
m Cochlear to launch technologies for hearing impaired
m National Convention of State Viklang Manchas organised by
m Hearing impaired girl wins legal battle against Gujarat
Technological University
m New website to help disabled people find a match
m Appoint special teachers for disabled children: HC to govt
m Kendriya Vidyalaya students with dyslexia say schools don't
understand them
m Central Railways fined  passengers for travelling in
compartments for disabled people
m Îachelor's programme in sign language introduced by
m Government shows apathy for the needs of disabled children
m 2isability activists fight for wheelchair access inside
Jagannath Temple
m PM unhappy with scheme for disabled people
m '2isability Act should conform to UN model'
m Îollywood begin to embrace disability characters in movies
m Îooks at doorstep: Project for disabled people and senior
citizens kicked off
m CIC launches new disabled friendly complaint website
m Ravenshaw University to start department of disability studies
m Îanks pocketing funds meant for disabled people
m Rehabilitation University for 2isabled People inaugurated
m 2isabled people protest seat reservation in the Railways
m Fill up teaching posts for special education course: G2N
m Online CAT poses new test for disabled people
m SC wants 
job quota for people with disabilities
m 2elhi HC directs Centre to amend its insurance rules for
disabled people
m Activists pitch for rights of disabled people ahead of
assembly elections
m Patna station to be developed as disabled²friendly
m Good response to special coach for disabled people on long
distance trains
m Railways to run battery²operated cars at stations for disabled
m Dimensions of Disability in India
m Ñishor Bhanushali

 The problem of disability is gaining more and more
importance all over the world. The planners of India very well
understand the significance of the problem. The government of India
and also state governments have framed various policies for persons
with physical disabilities: reservation jobs concession facilities in
traveling special training institutions etc.
m At the same time there is a network of NGOs working for the
development of persons with physical disabilities. The present paper
aims analyzing various dimensions of disability in India. The author to
understand various dimension of disability in India analyzes disability
data collected by Census of India  ˜.
m Present paper aim at analyzing the dimension of disability as reported
by Census of India  ˜. The first part of the paper deals with the
definitional aspects of disability in India. The second part deals with
various dimensions of disability and part three with disability and work.
Conclusions of the paper are given in final part of the paper.

m Œriter: Shibu Thomas
m Newspaper: The Times of India
m Issue: June  
A A division bench of justices R M Lodha and A
S Îagga expressed concern that the
children had lost an academic year due to
school·s indifference.
m ´The stark reality is that despite government rules
that require schools to ensure that children with
learning disabilities get help in schools, barely
20% of educational institutions are aware of the
problem,µ says Dr Samir Dalwai, pediatrician and
child psychologist who conducted the survey
along with child psychologist Dr Deepti Kanade.

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