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Table of Contents
• Introduction
• Overview of PPM
• Overview of Project Execution Management
• Project Management Solution
• Resource Management Solution
• Task Management Solution

enabling efficient and effective project management while ensuring smarter business decisions based on a single source of project truth. Introduction • Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud is a complete and integrated solution which dramatically improves the way project-driven organizations work. Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management Cloud Services include the applications as shown in the diagram: .

Oracle Project Portfolio • Oracle Project Execution Management. Management .

Project • Project Management Execution • Resource Management Management • Task Management comprises of: .


This Project includes Workplan Task. This ensures that the best and capable resources are working on the Project. Resource Managers will have the flexibility to evaluate the availability of the resources based on skills. Project Execution Management comprises of : • Project Management Solution: Allows user to comply with organization requirements as far as Planning And Scheduling activities is concerned by creating Workplan. time schedules and then propose the resources to Project Managers and if acceptable the Project Managers can accept the resources. Financial Tasks and Milestone Tasks. Execution • Resource Management Solution: Provides the flexibility to initiate resource Management requests. .

. Management Team Members will get the flexibility to collaborate with other team members in terms of sharing concerns. issues and activities happening in a project by using Oracle Social Networking. Project Team members challenged by the quantity of task they own. Both these type of task will be managed at a single place. no longer have to track administrative and Execution project work in different places. • Task Management Solution: Task Management Solution enables organization to manage all work and related interactions in a consolidated place.

.When the user access the Project Execution Management. the homepage looks like this.

PEM can be implemented as a Coexist Solution with on premise application like JD Edwards. . Resource Management. Procurement..Project Execution Management (PEM) can be implemented as a Standalone Solution using Planning and Scheduling. PEM can be implemented along with Project Financial Solution as a Integrated Solution along with Financial.t. where as all financial aspects of the project can be managed in E-Business Suite. Task Management solution on Cloud Platform. Based on the information a Project will be created in E-Business Suite w. The data in such case will flow not only with in the application in PPM Cloud Solution but across applications in other solutions as well. Supply Chain. This implies that we are referring to Project Execution in terms of co-existing with on premise products. So a Project will be initiated in PEM Solution.r. Peoplesoft etc. So planning activity will be done in Cloud Application Solutions. financial tasks and then capture costs and interface back to Cloud Solution. assign resources in PEM and then interface the information to E- Business Suite. complete planning activity.

g. anywhere using tablet/phone by every user in the organization with respect to the transaction or analysis they want to perform within the applications .• Project Portfolio Management is one part of the Cloud Application and works closely with other Cloud solutions and this is considered as Cloud to Cloud integration. while raising a Purchase Order in Procurement solution there is an option to enter POET Details. • Access information from any device anytime. These Procurement Costs are tracked as commitment costs in Projects Solutions • Similarly utilization of the employee details maintained in the HCM solution in the PPM solution. • e.

It also involves establishment of Task Dependencies. Overview • Assign Deliverables and Requirements (Contd) . Solution . • Create a project with basic tasks structure (Financial. on project and accelerate the project delivery by optimizing the resource Project management and staffing and providing intuitive project and task management tools for Project Execution Manager and Team Members. • Schedule Work based on the Dependencies created above. Management Milestone and Workplan Task) depending on requirement. • Project Execution Management enables the organization to execute.

initiate conference facility. Based on that the Resource Manager will identify and propose the resource and based on which the Project Manager will confirm Project whether the resources proposed will be a confirmed resource on the project or not. Execution • Task Management Capability includes capturing progress on the task that have been assigned to the Management resources. • Assignment of Resources by initiating resource requirement request.) . It also includes Team Collaboration using Social Networking Solution where resources can share information with other team members using Solution . Overview (Contd.

Generate Revenue and Manage Invoice can be Management started from Project Financial Solution. • Once the create a project with basic tasks structure activity is done and ready to execute the project including capitalization cost/billing or generating revenue then Project can be enabled for Financials. Once Project is enabled for Project Financial Management then further activities like Capturing Cost. Solution . Project So this way the Project Execution Management will Integrate with Project Financial Management Execution solution.

This allows compliance with requirement of org as far as planning and scheduling of work is concerned. Project Scheduling. (Contd. The Project Execution Management solution bring together the core process Project for Project development which are: Management • Project Management extends Project Planning.) . Three basic activities which can be performed in PEM. Project Management capabilities to all Solution individual in an enterprise who are required to manage project based work. These activities can implemented independent of Project Financial Management.

This will draw customer appreciation Solution as a result of better delivery. . This help in Management identifying the best fit resources are identified and allocated to a project. Resource Resource Management enables organization to optimize the resources employed in organization.

• Task Management enables organization to manage all work and related interaction in a consolidated Task place. issues and any other activity in context of a Project using a solution called Oracle Social Network. Solution • Team members will get the flexibility to collaborate with other team member in term of sharing concern. . Team member challenged by the quantity of the work they own no longer have to track Management administrative and project work in diff places because all task are placed and updated in the single place.

• Configures Project Shift to represent a time period that determines how many hours employees work in a day.Project and Resource Calendars • Project Execution Management also defines the Calendars to assign project and resources to establish work schedules. • Enables configuration of workday patterns to represent a collection of one or more shifts over a number of days .

• Question that must be answered to set up Calendars are: • How many hours do you work in a day ? Project and • What is your standard working days in a Resource week ? • Do you have holidays or planned days off ? Calendars • What projects or resources use this schedule ? .

• The second process is. Resources . in which a process called ‘Import HCM Person as Project Enterprise resources’ Labor from Manage Project Provisioning Page is executed. This allows to convert the HCM employee records to Project Enterprise Labor Records. This will Enterprise allow the resource usage in the Project and Task. – Create • In first process Enterprise Labor Resource Maintenance Conditions are defined and then Project process Maintain Project Labor Resources is submitted. Resource • Project Enterprise Labor Resources can be created in two ways • Automatic Management • Manual In Automatic process there are 2 possibilities.

that can be assigned to a project/task e. In Manual process also there are two possibilities: • In Manual mode. or they can be created based on an existing expenditure type. .g. Management • In another option user can create an expense – Create resource independent of expenditure type. the Project User are created and Resource updated. Cell phone expense can be tracked separately Resources from the home phone expense. request user account and assign enterprise roles to resources from ‘Manage Project User Provisioning page’. by creating two separate expense resources. Project • Basically the concept of expenditure type is used in Enterprise the context of Financial Management and we are using the expenditure type to classify the nature of expense charged to a project. So project enterprise Labor expense resource can be used to manage expense type resource.

line manager etc. • Job Role represent a job that a user needs to perform like Project Accountant. Navigation: Setup and Maintenance Project Execution Management Offering Setup Project Execution On this page we can either search an existing user account or create a new user account. Project Manager etc. .g. so they are granted some job role. • An Abstract role is a role an employee gets to perform basic activity in the capacity of an employee e. • At the initial level some consultants are hired to make some setup in the application.Create Project Implementation Administrator • In application there are different types of roles that needs to be assigned to a user like Job Role or Abstract Role. Since they are not employees of the organization they will not be granted Abstract Roles like Line Manager etc. an employee.


• Propose to change task efforts and dates. • The progress which is reported is updated on the project plan so that Project Managers can see the latest project progress. Management • Team members can perform detailed task. management activities using Manage Task Page from Team Member Dashboard. milestones and action items. • Report Progress on the tasks and mark tasks as started. Task • Review and manage deliverables on tasks. • Task Management can be used to carry out the below set of activities: • Review the project tasks. . in progress or completed. to do tasks.

• If required Transfer a task to another Team Member by assigning them as an Owner. • Use Social Network to collaborate with other team members regarding work remaining on tasks assigned to them. . Usage of Task • Create Non-Project Tasks to track others to-do items • Add other Team Members as followers to Tasks that Page are relevant to them. Task Page can be used for the following activities: • Review the list of tasks in the Tasks Section and notice tasks that need immediate action • Enter detailed information about the task including marking it as started or completed • Propose to change the Task Dates and review with the Project Manager.

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