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Explains The

Importance Of
Consumer Health
When you buying in the
store, what are the things
you should consider?
What is Consumer Health
Consumer health pertains to
the aspects of wise purchase
of health products and
services in order to obtain the
ultimate satisfaction and
wellness of the body
How Important. Is Consumer
 People consume goods, services, and gifts of
nature for their day-to-day existence on Earth.
It Is with this reason that people should be
aware of the Vital health topics and be
educated about preventive medicine and
services in order to achieve good quality of
living. Consumer health provides individuals
with knowledge, skills, aptitudes, values, and
capacity to become responsible consumers. .
Consumers health helps people on
the following aspects:
Who is the consumer?
Aconsumer is a person who buys
products or services for personal use
and not for business purposes.
Consumers are free to make
decisions whether or not to buy
goods or commercial items from
stores.They can also be influenced
by TV and print commercials and
What are the rights of the
 1. The. rightto choose
 2. The right to be heard
 3. The right to safety
 4. The right to be informed
 5. The right to satisfaction of basic needs
 6.The right to redress or remedy
 7. The right to consumer education.
 8 The right to environmental health
What Is Health Fraud?
 Health fraud is the dishonest
promotion, advertising, distribution,
or sale of articles claimed to be
effective in diagnosing, preventing,
curing, or treating an illness or
condition, or providing a beneficial
effect on health but have not been
scientifically proven safe and effective.
Who Are The Victims Of Health
 The following are consumers who are likely
to become victims of health fraud: 1.Those
who fll short of developing the correct
attitude and orientation on health 2.Those
who are unaware of the roles,
responsibilities and rights of being users of
health products and services
 3. Those who do not give the right value for
money, time environment, and people.