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• Intention Letter, not more than 1 page and share it to line group AIESEC in Trisakti
• Application Form, Max 20 Page (PDF)
• Endorsment Letter or Coaching Letters in PDF Format,from: Parents, Executive Board of
AIESEC Trisakti, the team member or team mates, other Executive Board of other entity
(LCVP Related)
• Application video no longer than 3:30, upload it on YouTube, share your link to Line
group of AIESEC in Trisakti
• Strategic Summary in PDF and no longer than 2 pages (minimum content:
vision,mission,focus and strategy,structure proposed)
• MBTI test result
• Take your strategic leadership style test
• CV in PDF no longer than 2 pages
• Copy of transcript in PDF
• Why do you want to continue your journey in AIESEC?
• What is your ultimate purpose in life? What are your SMART goals 3, 5, 10 years from now? How
does LCVP experience play a role in it and connects to your purpose and goals?
• State and explain your 3 personal strengths and 3 personal weaknesses and how do you use your
strengths and overcome your weaknesses
• What do you think the most ideal personal traits needed as an EB? Why?
• What are your top three values in life? Please elaborate the reason behind it?
• Please share and describe your leadership style based on the most impactful team experience as
a leader! Why do you think you are the most suitable person to be the LCVP?
• How well do your family and community support your activities as an LCVP? How do they
perceive your intention to apply for this position?
• What is failure for you? How do you see failure in your life? What was your greatest failure in your
life? What was the biggest learning you got from it?
• Please share your experience when you face by uncertainty and agile situation. What action did
you do to face those situation? Explain the result of your action
• Rank 3 main areas in AIESEC where you had the most experience! Highlight briefly in each and how your
experience can benefit your LC.
• Explain your most impactful inner and outer journey moment in AIESEC!
• Based on your AIESEC experience, please explain and elaborate 12 defining elements in AIESEC Leadership
Quality to your member!
• Please explain about every point in AIESEC Way that can make people who read that see your personal
connection with it.
• What is AIESEC to you? Explain in one sentence.
• What is AIESEC 2020 means to you? What will be your contribution?
• What is the top 3 needs of (your city/university)? How can AIESEC contribute to answer those needs? Please
be specific with action step and measurement of success!
• List all aspects of your AIESEC experience (including internships, CEED, leadership positions, task forces,
national team, conference, etc) Please explain on 1 or max. 2 points, what you have learnt and your results
from those experiences!
• Rank the 3 main areas in AIESEC where you have had the most experience. Highlight briefly your experiences
in each and how that would benefit a year in the EB team and Functional Team?
• What are the roles of the Incoming Global Volunteer Department?
• What are your goals and targets for the next year in iGV if you are selected as Vice President of iGV?
• What is your visión for iGV 18/19?
• Please analyze the SWOT condition of the Incoming Global Volunteer in past 1 year (16/17)!What are the
main challenges you see that might be an obstacle for term 17/18 and what is your strategy to overcome it?
• Analyze project which happening now in our LC ?
• Based on Project market condition recently. Analyze all possible iGV’s market based on your opinion! what is
your strategy to ensure Project number 18/19 increasing? And please break it down with your action steps
as well!
• What is Exchange quality? What kind of condition that ideal if we say we already have good quality? Do you
think we already have it?
• Mention the procedure of Visa Extended, Hostfamily Program, Buddies Program, and Police Report
• Mention 3 REAL Innovation that you want to make in 2018/2019!
• Please explain about your minimum promise for delivery of iGV!
• What kind of structure (please completed it with the Role Description) that you will create for your
Please submit the application package in google drive that writen your

Intention Letter 2nd December 2017, 11:59 PM (GMT +7)

Application Package 10th December2017, 11:59 PM( GMT+7)