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How do we

through art?
The Case of the 2017
Cesar Legaspi Centennial
National Artist Cesar F. Legaspi (1917-1994)
Studying Art in Context through DBAE:
Discipline-based Art Education

• Art History
• Art Criticism
• Aesthetics
• Art Production
Studying Art in Context through DBAE:
Art History

• Dislodges the notion of the ‘great’/’genius’ artist/art

that comes out of nowhere/doing work in a vacuum
• Situating practice enables a fuller understanding of how
individual practice is influenced by larger/societal
context and vice-versa
Studying Art in Context through DBAE:
Art Criticism

• Liberates the engagement with art from the merely

personal/impressionistic and merely subjective
• Develops analytic skills that not only take on formal and
technical aspects, but also the sensory, expressive, and
conceptual (in the realm of abstract/macro ideas)
Studying Art in Context through DBAE:

• Rediscovering the idea of art as experiential

• Thinking more deeply about how meaning and value are
produced through the engagement with creative work
allows the learner to see that these are related to other
realms of the knowledge field (interdisciplinarity)
Studying Art in Context through DBAE:
Art Production

• Deepened acquaintance with the production process

brings the mind and body of the reader/beholder
beyond a self-centered/referential frame
• Exposure to a range of technical and conceptual
processes broadens the learners’ understanding of the
field and encourages them to find their place in that
Lara Acuin, Iris De Ocampo, Rica Estrada, Lyra
Teaching Exhibitions
• Series of zines that use art exhibitions as a springboard
• Inspired by our personal insights and understanding
Teaching Exhibitions
• Art education in the Philippines has more or less been
confined to programs of art production techniques
• Our intended goal is to accentuate new ways of seeing
Looking at art exhibitions is a process
that can result in viewers
encountering and comprehending
things they have never seen before,
thus enhancing their experience.
Teaching Exhibitions
• However, art exhibitions have somehow alienated those
who are unfamiliar with the territory.
• Although actual exposure to art exhibitions is the ideal,
the publication was initiated to perhaps equip the reader
with a deeper perspective of art appreciation.
Published Volumes (2017)
• The first three volumes are merged as the
Teaching Exhibitions’ National Artist series.
• Volume One tackles the inaugural
show at the Cultural Center of the
Philippines of artist Cesar
Legaspi’s centennial celebration
• Volume Two takes the reader into
an educational journey to the
world of literary great Nick
• Volume 3 introduces the student
to the life, music and research of
Jose Maceda

• Preface and Epilogue • Honors and Awards

• Easy-Peasy • Community
• Art in Context • Vocabulary Words
• Introduction to the Exhibit • Guidelines for Teachers
• About the Artist • Additional References
• Selected Works
Guidelines for Selected Sections

• Art in Context
• Selected Works
• Honors and Awards
• Community
It is our hope that educators
designated to teach art in their school
will find significant material in the
zine, which can serve as an added
resource for their lesson plans.