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Precondition for FSCM to be active

a) Business Function Switch

b) BADI to be activated

c) Activation of BTE ‘BTE FI_DM’

d) Distribution of Data
Business Function Switch

Generally we activate all functions as each of them is related to specific functionality in FSCM.
However, you can reduce your scope depending on business requirements.

Business Function Description Dependency

FIN_FSCM_CCD_3 Business Function FSCM Functions 3 (New) FIN_FSCM_CCD_2




BADI activation

Activate/Deactivate Standard Implementation for Mapping in SAP Collection Management

This implementation of the Business Add-In Definition FDM_PARTNER_MAPPING converts keys for customers and contact
persons into business partner IDs.

Mapping: BP - Customer/Contact Person in Collections Management

BADI ‘FDM_PARTNER_MAP_COLL’ needs this implementation if the customer master-vendor master integration takes
place in your Collections Management system.

Need to ensure that any changes made to Business Partner doesn’t get reflected in the customer master.

Distribution of Data in Collections Management

BADI ‘FDM_COLL_SEND_ITEMS’ is required additional data for the distribution of data in Collections Management. This data can
be prepared for the collection specialists worklist and displayed there. It can also be used to prioritize the business partners to be
Activation of bte
BADI activation is not really required and entirely depends on business Case. Since, we will be using the features of collection and
dispute management. This is cross client maintenance.

Distribution of Data

In order to achieve distribution of data as per co code functionality, make sure that all the required settings under the following node in
SPRO -- FSCM – Collection Management -- Integration with AR -- Distribution of data in Collection management
Once all settings are in place, Program --> FDM_COLL_SEND_ITEMS or transaction code FDM_COLL_SEND01 needs execution in
order to send data according as per requirements.
IMPACT on SAP Credit management

We have to ensure while implementing FSCM collection management, that we don’t activate FSCM credit management accidently. This is
important as we have active SAP credit management in the AFS system.

1. BADI ‘UKM_R3_ACTIVATE’ activation is required in order to activate SAP FSCM Credit Management