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Crystal Joyce
India V. London

Ethical Issues ● Human Rights

○ Restriction on freedom of
expression (Speech)
○ Lack of Women’s Rights
○ Sexual Orientation and Gender
● Corrupt Government
○ Security Abuse and Lack of
● Environmental Regulation
○ Politician
● Employment Practices
○ Minimum Wage
(Human Rights Watch, 2016)
(Harvey, 2016) ○ Child Labor Laws
(CIA, 2017)
Current Events
● Japan gives India a $19 billion
loan for Bullet Train Line Project
(Safi, 2017)

● Involvement with Afghanistan

could lead to trouble with Pakistan
(Griffiths, 2017)

● Upper -Class: Hindu Nationalism

○ Killings of Journalist that
speak out (Mondal, 2017)
○ Dalit (NCDHR, 2016)
○ Caste System (BBC, 2017)

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