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Human Rights Violations under

CHR Jurisdiction (CHR Resolution

No. A96-005)


Regional Director
Human Rights violation the CHR can
investigate for purposes of prosecution,
such as but not limited to:

1. Rights of prisoners or detainees

against physical, psychological
and degrading punishment
resulting in the commission of
crimes against persons as
provided in Title Eight of R.A.
No.3815,as amended, and the
related special laws;
CHR Resolution No.A96-005

2. Constitutional guarantees provided

against the use of torture, force,
violence, threat, intimidation and
other means that vitiate the free
will of any person or force him to do
anything or sign any documents
against his will;
CHR Resolution…

3. Right to a fair and public trial as

recognized under the Constitution,
applicable laws and statutes and
CHR Resolution…

4. Right to life without due process of

law, where its commission is
tantamount to summary execution
and/or extrajudicial execution
CHR Resolution…

5. Liberty of abode and of changing

the same within limits prescribed by
law, except upon lawful order of the
court, where the acts committed
constitute hamletting, force eviction
or illegal demolition, or
development aggression;
CHR Resolution…
6. Right of the people to be secure in their persons,
houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable
searches and seizures as defined in Art. 124 to
130 of Title II and in Art. 269, 280, 282, 286, 287
of Title Nine of R.A. No. 3815, as amended, and
the related special laws, where said acts are
committed in the course or by reason thereof or
when involuntary or enforced disappearance as
defined under applicable laws or international
treaty obligations on human rights resulted or
was the reason for the violations;
CHR Resolution…

7. Right of persons arrested ,detained

or under custodial investigation as
well as the duties of the arresting,
detaining, and investigating officers
defined under R.A. No. 7438;
CHR Resolution…

8. Right of the people to peaceably

assemble and petition the
government for redress of
grievances which are defined in
Art.131 under Title Two of
R.A.No.3815, as amended, and the
related special laws;
CHR Resolution…

9. Right of the people to be free from

involuntary servitude in relation to
Section 18(2) of Articles
272,273,274, of Title Nine, Article
341 and Title Xl of R.A. No. 3915,
as amended, and the related special
CHR Resolution…
10. Free exercise and enjoyment of religious
profession and worship, without
discrimination of religion in relation to
offenses defined in Art.132 and 133 of
Title Two of R.A. No. 3815, as amended,
and other related special laws, including
offenses against the religious, such as
desecration of places of worship and or
acts notoriously offensive to the feelings
of the faithful.