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Tools and Materials

Tools materials
 Soxhlet extrator set  Sodium sulphate anhidrate
 Mortar
 Dry ginger
 Evaporator
 Prothelium ether
 Funnel
 Glass cup
 Refraktometer
 Spiritus burner
 Glasses
- Measured
- Dried
Dry Ginger
- Delicated

Ginger Powder
- Packed by filter paper with up and down bonded
- Measured until 30 – 50 grams
- Entered into extract soxhlet
- Entered protelium ether solvent 100 ml into the flask
- Extracted until result the colorless product

Colorless Extraction
- Wait until the fluid drop to the extractor flsk
- Opened the soxhlet
- Take the sample
- Returned the soxhelt set as before
- Steamed the solvent in extractor flask until saturated in
soxhlet tools
- Kept the volume of solvent to not fall down

Solvent Extract
- Added Na2SO4 anhidrous
- Separated by filtration

Residue Filtrate

Rx : nH2O + Na2SO4 ―> Na2SO4 . nH2O

Weighed - - Measured

Mass Refractive index

- Calculated

Yield of oil
Dry ginger powder

- Measured about 1 gram

- Dried
- Measured again
- Written the mass
- Repeated the heating until the content mass obtained

The content of
water ginger
Salisilat Acid 1 gram

- poured into the erlenmeyer 125 mL

- added 5 mg aquades
- heated on the electric burner until the solvent is homogeneous
- added some drop of water until 70 mL
- filter the solution in warm condition with used bucher funnel (which
comlpeted by such flask)

residue filtrate
- cooled the filtrate in room temperature until
crystal formed, if at room temperature difficult to
form, cooled in ice water
- filter again crstal that form with funnel

residue filtrate
Reaction :
- dried into exicator
- measure the weight
- compared melting point with initial

2,5 Gram Asam
Salisilat Kering Aquades
Entered into erlenmeyer flask 125 mL Heated in a beaker glass until the
Added with 3,75 g acetic acid anhydrous temperature (50-60)°C
Added with 3 drops of sulfuric acid
Stirred until homogeneous

Entered the mixture into the beaker glass

Stirred until 5 minutes (until homogeneous)
Take from the electric stove and cooled in room temperature, with stirred
Added 37,5 mL aquades
Filtered with Buchner funnel
Filtrate Residue
Entered into erlenmeyer flask
Added 7,5 mL ethanol 96% and
35 mL of aquades
Heated in electric heater until
Filtered in hot condition with
Buchner funnel

Filtrate Residue
Settled in room temperature until
crystal formed
Filtered with Buchner funnel

Filtrate Residue (Crystal)

Dried with exsicator

Measured the weight Calculated the melting

Melting Point