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Presented by,
Basil T Jose
Objectives of the study
 To study the organization as whole and its functions.
 To get an exposure and experience to the business
 To understand and evaluate the functions and activities of
various departments.
 To identify the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats
of the organization.
 To understand how key business process are carried out in
the organization.
 To understand different products and their position in the
 To analyze the present status and future strategy of the
 To learn about various aspects of the industry.
Methodology of the study
 Primary data
Collected through observation, discussion with manager,
Questionnaires method.
 Secondary data
collected through company documents, manuals, annual
reports , website,
 Detailed discussion was not possible.
 Lack of time
 The organization was not ready to disclose certain data’s
which are very confidential to them.
 A busy working condition in the organization, as a result
deep study was not possible in each area.
 Communication gap due to illiterate workforce

 The KKR Group was set up in 1976 by Mr. K.K. Karnan.

 Factory of KKR Mills is located at okkal near kalady.
 KKR Group are mainly involved in manufacture of quality
rice and rice products. The products are sold under the brand
 The company have ISO and HACCP certification.
 The Other Group of companies,
KKR Food products, KKR Petroleum, KKR Products and
manufacturing Pvt. Ltd, S.N Agro products, Lotus Rural
Development Society, Five Star Metals Pvt. Ltd

KKR Mills produced wide Varity of consumer durable goods
under the brand name “NIRAPARA”
Nirapara Rice, Rice flours, Wheat flours, pickles,
spices, and curry powders.
Functional Departments of Nirapara

 Purchase Department
 Production Department
 Human Resource Department
 Finance & Accounts Department
 Marketing Department
 Information System Department
 Export Department
 Research &Development Department
 Vehicle & Transportation Department
 Quality Control Department
SWOT Analysis of KKR Mills
 Brand name of the company
 ISO and HACCP certification.
 Product diversification
 The company using modern technology in production.
 The company always maintains good employer- employee
 No trade union
 Higher centralized decision
 Technological upgradation
 No active advertisement
 Consumers are not aware about ISO certification
 The employees are not much satisfied with salary and benefits
 FMCG gaining high demand in the market.
 Export market exploration and exploitation.
 The company has wide scope for Geographical expansion.
 Expansion of production capacity.
 Good government support

 Tough competition in the market.
 Scarcity of raw material
 Entry of multinationals in domestic market.
 Strict norms of exporting
 The price of raw materials are increasing
 Extinction of paddy cultivation in Kerala
 The company goodwill is high among customers.
 The company is well adaptive to technological changes.
 There exist a good relationship between management and
 Product diversification, KKR mills introduced a wide range of
products into the market under the brand name ‘NIRAPARA’.
 Continuous quality checking in every stages of production
 Advertisement through television and social media is the most
efficient tool of promotion.
 The company have ISO and HACCP certification.
 The company owned stores for sell their products.
 There is no trade union in the company.
 Provide more concentration for good market share.
 Advertisements have a vital role in every industry, so the
company should make advertisement with the preference of
the customers.
 Increase productivity of the workers through some
motivational schemes.
 Implement more distribution channels for different places.
 To implement full automation system to the organization
 Explore new markets
 The company should try to encourage in their own paddy
cultivation to tackle the shortage of paddy
 Improve the welfare measures.

The intention behind doing the project was to get

better idea about the organization, its different
department, responsibilities of key personnel and its
competitive performance.
The company give more importance to maintain
high quality products and its consistency. Company is
using z sortex machine capable for controlling quality.
All the departments are functioning effectively
for achieving the objectives of the organization.
Thank you