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APUSH Chapter 1

Colliding Worlds
Algonguian Village, located in present-day
North Carolina
• Describe the various elements of
this image.
• What does this painting suggest
about how the Algonquians living
in this town subsisted on a day-to-
day basis?
• What does the image suggest
about the Algonquians’ sense of
security or concerns about threats
from other groups of people?
• What are the central actions taking
place in this image?
I. The Native American Experience

Chiefdoms and Confederacies

1. The Mississippi Valley
2. Eastern Woodlands
3. The Great Lakes
4. The Great Plains and Rockies
5. The Arid Southwest
6. The Pacific Coast
Mississippi Mounds
I. The Native American Experience
Sacred Power
1. Animism
2. Women’s spiritual roles
3. Men’s spiritual roles
4. Warfare
II. Western Europe: The Edge of the
Old World
Hierarchy and Authority
1. Monarchs and nobles
2. Men governed families
3. Importance of eldest son
II. Western Europe: The Edge of the
Old World
Expanding Trade Networks
1. Byzantine civilization
2. The Italian Renaissance
3. Economic revolution in northern and Western
II. Western Europe: The Edge of the
Old World
Myths, Religions, and Holy Warriors
1. The Rise of Christianity
2. The Crusades
3. The Reformation
III. West and Central Africa: Origins
of the Atlantic Slave Trade
A. Empires, Kingdoms, and Ministates and the
importance of GOLD
B. Trans-Saharan Africa and Coastal Trade
African Trade Routes Map
IV. Exploration and Conquest

A. Portuguese Expansion
1. Prince Henry’s efforts
B. The African Slave Trade
1. Slavery in Africa
2. Europeans’ entry into the slave trade
IV. Exploration and Conquest
C. Sixteenth-Century Incursions
1. Columbus and the Caribbean
2. The Spanish Invasion
European Exploration and Trade
Routes Map
Spain’s Conquest of the Americas
Conquistadors’ battle against the Aztecs
• What does this
image convey
about these two
groups? Who are
they? What are
their sims and
• Which group is
portrayed at the
aggressor? Why
might the artist
have portrayed
the two sides in
this way?