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FR10348 – SON Nth UE

Selection Algorithm Impact

Author: Niraj Nanavaty

Jan 17, 2012, Version 1.0

Nokia-Siemens Networks Proprietary.

Inter-RAT ANR - Nth UE Selection Algorithm – Time Line of Discovery & Converged
Phases (Example showing single technology single frequency) NOTE: Discovery &
Converged Phases Remains at Cell Level

Begin Converged Phase

Begin Discovery Phase

End Discovery Phase

eNB Discovery
eNB converged phase continues until operator disables …

Nth UE Selection; Nth UE Selection; FR10348: Congestion Ends.

where Nth Counter =X (example X=3) where Nth Counter =Y (example Y = 5) Nth UE Selection Algorithm
Resumes for any-RAT ANR.

.... ....
1st and 2nd UE
1st , 2nd, 3rd, and 4th UE

Received Measurement FR10348: Congestion Starts

Select Nth UE & Configure
Report from Nth UE Nth UE Selection Algorithm
Measurement Trigger
stops for any-RAT ANR


Configuration - Nth value ‘X’ < Nth value ‘Y’ ;

More UEs are selected for ANR during Discovery and after convergence is reached relatively less UEs are selected for ANR.

• Operator configurable default settings as of pre-R5:

• Y = 20

Nokia-Siemens Networks Proprietary 2

Inter-RAT ANR - Nth UE Selection Algorithm – Flow Chart
Addition. Applies
to any-RAT ANR
UE transitions
to CONNECTED For the N counters of
or hands into cell the techs/freqs which the UE
Is capable that are >= their N value,
compare how far each is
above its N value.

Congestion State
= Normal
Is one of the N counters above NO
YES Randomly select one of the N
Its N value by a greater number
than the other N counters? counters which is >= its N value
Increment each
N counter
of which UE is capable YES


Select the UE as the Nth UE

Is one or more of the for the tech/freq for the
N counters of the techs/freqs selected N counter
which the UE is capable
>= its N value?

Set the selected N counter = 0

NOTE: UE selection overlap (same UE
assigned for more than one tech/freq)
is avoided.

Nokia-Siemens Networks Proprietary 3

Inter-RAT ANR - Use Case 1: ANR for eHRPD Inter-RAT
Nth UE selected; UE is in Initial Context Setup FR10348: No
Procedure or Handin Procedure; in the E-UTRAN selection so flow will
UE case of Handin, un-install older A2 trigger
not get executed.

RRCConnectionReconfiguration (SON-A2)
Install the strongest A2
associated with eHRPD for
//A2 Condition Triggered Measurement Report the selected frequency

RRCConnectionReconfiguration (reportStrongestCellsForSON)
(Also uninstall SON-A2 trigger)
Retrieve Unknown PN from
Measurement Report (MeasObjectCDMA2000)
Use DRX mode
RRCConnectionReconfiguration (reportCGI)
(Also uninstall SON trigger)
Measurement Report (cellGlobalId-HRPD)

a) Update associated NRT with neighbour cell

b) Update scores

If reportCGI fails, then place

unknownPN in CNL
1. Use Cases shall be immediately pre-empted when CSFB or HO occurs. If reportCGI fails multiple
2. All Measurement Reports received are used to update scores times then raise
3. Unknown PN means that the received PN is not found in serving cell’s NRT table. Alarm760 similar to
Intra-RAT (pre-R4)

Nokia-Siemens Networks Proprietary 4

Inter-RAT ANR - Use Case 2 : ANR for eHRPD Inter-RAT – Known PN

FR10348: No
E-UTRAN selection so flow will
UE Nth UE selected; UE is in Initial Context Setup not get executed.
Procedure or Handin Procedure

RRCConnectionReconfiguration (SON-A2)

//A2 Condition Triggered Measurement Report

RRCConnectionReconfiguration (reportStrongestCellsForSON)

(Also uninstall SON-A2 trigger)

Measurement Report (MeasObjectCDMA2000)

If there are no unknown PN then:
RRCConnectionReconfiguration ()

(Also uninstall SON trigger)

1. Use Cases shall be immediately pre-empted when CSFB or HO occurs.

2. All Measurement Reports received are used to update scores

Nokia-Siemens Networks Proprietary 5

Inter-RAT ANR - Use Case 3: ANR for 1XRTT Inter-RAT

UE 1X neighbours provided as
white list E-UTRAN LTEMgr C-SON PlaNET
Add operator provided 1X neighbors to

//Enter neighbor info

UE has been selected by “Nth UE for SON”. UE // 1X neighbor info
is in Initial Context Setup Procedure // 1X neighbor info // 1X neighbor info
Specific to eNB

Neighbor information includes PN and

RRCConnectionReconfiguration (reportStrongestCellsForSON) associated SectorID

Measurement Report (MeasObjectCDMA2000) Retrieve PN

Using the retrieved PN do the following:

FR10348: No
selection so flow will
not get executed.
Assign (reference cell)
NO DEFAULT values for:
Already Exist a) CBSC ID
in NRT? b) Sector ID
c) Cell ID
d) etc
1. Use Cases shall be immediately pre-empted when CSFB and HO occurs. to TRUE
2. Scoring and sorting is discussed in later slides
Update NRT
NOTE: reportCGI is not used because of limitations w.r.t non-standard use of See ANR 1XRTT Scoring & Scoring
BaseID received in the measurement report and therefore inability to
correlate to target sectorID
Will not be executed in preview mode

Nokia-Siemens Networks Proprietary 6

Nth UE Selection
• Nth UE selection triggering conditions are the same as
today (e.g. Initial Context Setup Request / Hand-In), with
the following exception for 1xRTT
– For 1xRTT only Initial Context Setup Request will trigger Nth UE selection
– FR10348: Nth UE selection is triggered only if eNodeB Congestion State is

Nokia-Siemens Networks Proprietary 7