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Finding Volume using Integrals

By Jennifer Moreno, Kelly park

and Albert Lee
Volume - The person that discovered volume was
a man named Archimedes. Archimedes did measure
the volume of things but the eureka moment was
maybe due to his original discovery [concerning
buoyancy], not to sitting in the bathtub and then
running through the streets of Syracuse naked.

Integrals - The principles of integration were

formulated independently by Isaac Newton and
Gottfried Leibniz in the late 17th century, who
thought of the integral as an infinite sum of
rectangles of infinitesimal width.
Definition Of Volume
Let S be a solid that lies between x=a and x=b. If
the cross-sectional area of S in the plane Px,
through x and perpendicular to the x-axis, is A(X),
where A is a continuous function, then the
volume of S is....
Find the volume of the solid obtained by rotating
the region bounded by the given curves about
the specified line.

y=x^3 y=x x≥0 about the x-axis.

Investigate The World
Investigate the World
By investigated
learning how to find the the
volumeworld by researching
of more complex on it to
shapes, we can apply
more complex andand Integrals,
real-world who
situations. and how
For example, we maythey
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find the volume of the well asCollider
Hadron how inintegrals canFrance.
Saint-Genis-Pouilly, help us
find the volume of an object.
Recognize Perspective
This, in turn, provides us with the opportunity to
study the affairs of trade work, thus providing a
deeper understanding of how the world
Take Action

We took action by simply studying the

subject. As the world grows, there
requires a larger staff in all of STEM.
By studying calculus, we are, in
essence, pursuing a STEM career.
Additionally, presenting our findings to
our peers helps share our knowledge,
thereby spreading awareness to the
scarcity of workers in STEM.
Communicate Ideas
We communicated ideas by sharing our individual
ideas with each other and our peers.