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Intro to Ways of Knowing

How do we ‘get’ knowledge?

What do we mean by Ways of
“The ways of knowing are how we interact with
both the physical world and the world of
Of course, there are many ways in which
we do this, which is why it is an almost
impossible task to come up with distinct
categories for how it’s done. And, of course, the
four ways of knowing that TOK finally decided
on are not separate from each other”.
Theories of
Except that …

Usually ToK asks us to

separate each WofK!
Step One:
Find Your Group
Find your group members
(others with the same card).
You will either be in Sense
Perception (yellow), Language
(blue), Reasoning (white), or
Emotion (pink)
Step Two:
Divide into three sub-groups:
Group #1 (approx 4 people): What are
the key points worth knowing about your
Way of Knowing? Use any of the
provided textbooks or the internet;
create a SINGLE powerpoint slide (use
bullets) and email it to Mr. Chao
( You
have 5 minutes!
Group #2 (approx 4
Look at the packet you received.
Which of these sources most clearly
‘fits’ with your WofK and why/how?
Your answer must fit on a single
powerpoint slide (use bullets) which
you can email to Mr.
g). You have 5 minutes!
So it’s easy to talk about WofK
separately, but luckily …

We then remember to come

back together
Group #3 (approx 4 people):
Look at the example chosen by sub-
group 2 within your WofK. It seems like
one where your WofK is key … but
youshould also be able to find clear links
with other WofK such that it is difficult to
separate them. Send your single ppt
slide (with bullets) to You have
five minutes!
What have we learned about
Now … what’s the
connection to AofK … and
what the heck is going on
with Plato’s ‘The Cave’?!