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Nigerian Health Sector

A Study Report

Microtech Healthcare LLP
Nigeria at a Glance
Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa with a Population: 190,021,148
•Per capita income: $12,840
•Life expectancy at birth women/men: 54/52 years
•Infant mortality rate: 36/1000 live births
•A population growth rate of 2.5%
•GDP of USD 700 billion.
The top Nigerian Cities with their population are as follows: -

Nigeria - Largest Cities

S# Name Population
1 Lagos , Lagos 9,000,000
2 Kano , Kano 3,626,068
3 Ibadan , Oyo 3,565,108
4 Kaduna , Kaduna 1,582,102
Health infrastructure
The Nigerian healthcare system is organized into
• Primary - The Local Government Areas (LGAs) are responsible for it eg Local Dispensaries
• Secondary - The State Governments are responsible for it eg General Hospitals
• Tertiary - The Federal Government is responsible for policy development,
Regulations, overall stewardship and providing tertiary care.
Eg. University Teaching Hospitals & Federal Medical Centres
• The total expenditure on healthcare as % of GDP is 4.6, while the percentage of
federal government expenditure on healthcare is about 1.5%.
• In May 1999, the government created the National Health Insurance Scheme, the
scheme encompasses government employees, the organized private sector and
the informal sector. The number of Nigerians covered by the National Health
Insurance Scheme (NHIS) since its establishment are 1.5 percent of the
• Health access is only 43.3%. About 55% of the population lives in the rural areas
and only ~45% live in the urban areas. About 70% of the health care is provided
by private vendors and only 30% by the government. Over 70% of drugs
dispensed are Substandard.
Health Manpower
Health Facility Census
Public hospitals 87.8 per million

Private hospitals 53.8 per million

Primary healthcare clinics 85.6% of all HFs

Secondary hospitals 14% of all HFs

Tertiary hospitals 0.2% of all HFs

There are 26 medical schools in Nigeria, Nigerian medical schools graduate between 2000 and 3000 doctors annually.
Established positions for doing the compulsory house-jobs (internship) range between 1000 and 1500, depending on
available funds. What then happens to the 1000 to 1500 that cannot get internship positions?
•Health indicators
Under 5 mortality Rate 117

Maternal mortality rate 560

Prevalence of HIV 3.1%

Estimated proportional mortality attributable to cardiovascular diseases (CVD) 12%

Estimated Diabetes prevalence 4.04% 4.04%

Risk of getting cancer before 75 years of age 10.4% 10.4%

Top 10 Causes of Death in Nigeria

1. Malaria 20%
2. Lower Respiratory Infections 19%
3. HIV 9%
4. Diarrheal Diseases 5%
5. Road Injuries 5%
6. Protein-Energy Malnutrition 4%
7. Cancer 3%
8. Meningitis 3%
9. Stroke 3%
10. Tuberculosis 2%
• Medical Facilities are in a Pathetic state in Nigeria, almost 20 years
behind India.
• NIGERIAN PATIENTS ARE THE HIGHEST, Amongst the Total Number of
Medical Toursim Patients coming to India.
• Lack of Proper Infrastructure, Qualified Doctors & Diagnostic Centres
• People from Urban Areas of Nigeria can afford to come to YOU,
Jaipur-India as treatment cost is very economical & affordable & of
World Class Quality here.
• The Pre & Post-Operative Care is less at Jaipur as compared to USA,
UK, or even when compared to other cities of India like Mumbai,
New Delhi or Hyderabad.
• We will open up an office at Lagos so other Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors & Insurance Companies can contact there & have faith as Local
Representative is present there.
• Assist in Medical Tourism by bringing Patients from there to You. Helping them in getting Proper & Fast Track Medical Visa for their
travel to India & assisting them till airport & also when they reach India, our representative will bring them from the airport to You.
• Assist in tying up with various Nigerian Insurance Companies & Hospital & Healthcare workers, so they send the patients to You.
• Assist in Conducting Medical Check-up Camps there so as to spread Your Hospital’s Name There. For this we will assist in tying up with
the Social Groups there.
• Assist in tying up there with Other Hospitals who will accumulate minimum number of patients for certain treatments, So Our Doctors
can go there & Treat the patient there itself. That will reduce the cost of treatment for the patient.
• Assist in Opening up a Diagnostic Centre & Doctors Chamber there (If needed), so we can keep a Resident Doctor There who will
coordinate between various hospitals & do Pre- Screening of all the patients before they come here to Jaipur
• Help to minimize Bureaucratic delays and risks to new businesses.
• Assist in getting
• Registration there for Medical Tourism.
• Registration of Indian Doctors who are doing Treatment there.
• Proper stay & Indian Veg & Non-Veg Food with all security for all the Medical Doctors visiting there & taking care of their
transport service.
Planned by Vidyadhar
Bhattacharya, Jaipur
holds the distinction of
being the first planned
city of India. Renowned
globally for its colored
gems, the capital city of
Rajasthan combines the
allure of its ancient
history with all the
advantages of a
metropolis. The bustling
modern city is one of the
three corners of the
golden triangle that
includes Delhi, Agra and
Jaipur. It has an
International Airport & is
Directly connected to
Lagos via Dubai & Abu
Director-Microtech Healthcare LLP