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Linda L.

Theatre Education
Arts Integration
Theatre Education & Arts Integration
o Arts Integrated Courses for the Granites School District K-
o Theatre 1010: Survey of Theatre, UofU 6. Science/Math/LA/SS integrated with Drama
o Theatre 1020: Intro. to Acting I (for non-majors) UofU o Utah Teaching License K-12 Drama & Elementary
o Theatre 1030: Intro. to Acting II (for non-majors) Education
UofU o ELCD Teacher K-6 Sand Creek Elementary Colorado
o Theatre 1040: Dramatic Arts in Television (On-line Springs
Distance learning) University of Utah o Colorado Teaching License K-12 Drama/Language
o Theatre 1130: Intro to Acting II (for majors) UofU Arts/Elementary Education
o CL CV 3570: Women in Ancient Greece and Rome, o EOT English Only Time: English instruction for Korean
UofU Elementary School Teachers.
o Theatre 3790: (Special Topics) What is Performance o Public Speaking: (Special Topics) Osh State University
Art? Fall Semester
o Theatre 3791: Absurd Theatre, University of Utah o Beginning English I & II: Osh State University Faculty of
o Theatre 5010: Acting and Directing Shakespeare, Pedagogy and Physical Training
UofU o Intermediate English I & II: Osh State University Faculty
o Theatre 5930: Individual Research Project, UofU of Pedagogy and Physical Training
o Beginning and Advanced Puppetry o Film Appreciation: Osh State University Faculty of
o Secondary School Beg. Drama I/Advanced Drama II & III Pedagogy and Physical Training
o Technical Theatre for Secondary School o Introduction to American Poetry: Osh State Univ.
o Advanced Shakespeare & Puppetry: Osh State Pedagogy and Physical Training Faculty
University, joint venture with multiple faculties. o Introduction to American Literature: Osh State Univ.
Pedagogy and Physical Training Faculty.
by Eugene Ionesco
Director/Puppet Costume Designer,
S. Glenn Brown’s Monster Spider
(AATE Conference in Chicago, July 2005)
Original University production received a Henson Grant.
by S. Glenn Brown, Univ. of Utah
Butoh MacBeth
by S. Glenn Brown
Arts Integrated - Shakespeare and Puppetry
Performance/Director/Puppet Costume Design: at The Uzbek
Humanitarian – with students from the Faculty of World
Languages/Pedagogical University Osh, Kyrgyzstan (Peace Corps)
Co-Director/Master Puppeteer/Movement/Puppet
Designer, Mask Designer, of SOUTH POLE International
Art Conference Puppetry/Butoh Performance, presentation
City of Artists Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.
(Peace Corps)

Maksat’s practicum
Community Outreach –
Children’s House Orphanage-
Seminovka, Kyrgyzstan
1st Place for the West Virginia’s State Theatre Conference High School
Competition, S. Glenn Brown’s Scarecrow – Education Director for
Greenbrier Valley Theatre after-school drama program.
Director/Co-Designer/Puppeteer/Movement/ Youth Theatre
at the University of Utah Teen Session –
Devised Puppetry/Youth Service Project
Migration, Separation, and Loss
Arts Integration – The Golden Cucumber/The Monkey
and Barong. Performed at Kingsbury Hall on the Youth
Theatre at the U of U. Student developed, and DNA
strand created!
Youth Theatre at the University of Utah
The Jungle Book – Kingsbury Hall
Navajo Middle School–
Language Arts 7th & 8th Grades
Puppetry and Animation - After School Program
So. Korea, Arts Integration - English, Puppetry, and Mask.
Instructor for Korean elementary teachers on classroom
methodologies and English.
Tonda Bunraku Troupe – Nagahama & Chuo-Ku – Osaka at the National
Bunraku Theatre in Japan
Arts Integration (Social Studies/Science/Drama) - Rico, CO. Elementary

How the Lynx Almost Wasn’t, or Leo’s Life

Blackberry Winter – by Steve Yockey
Salt Lake Acting Company
University Professional Theatre Program Internship.
RED RED SHOES by Charles Way
Youth Theatre at the U of U, at The Rose
Wagner Theatre, & The Second Annual
Great Salt Lake City Fringe Festival.
Summit H.S. Greek Theatre and Mask
Summit High School
A Christmas Carol
Summit Independence Middle School
Masks and Myths and Shel Silverstein.
Drama Teacher for 3-12 grades.

Picture Puzzle
Salt Lake Acting Company –
Community Outreach Youth Theatre
Salt Lake Acting Company –
Professional Work

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