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By :Rachel Gatei
On 2nd April 2014
What is disability?
• Definitions under KDB Disability Policy
• Disability: “a physical or mental impairment which has
a substantial and long-term adverse effect on an
individuals ability to carry out day-to-day activities.
• Physical impairment includes sensory impairments
• Mental impairment includes learning difficulties and
an impairment resulting from or consisting of a mental
– (group discussion on definitions)
What is disability mainstreaming?
• Mainstreaming of disability is an instrument to
promote equality of opportunities for people
with disabilities.
Role of Disability Mainstreaming ?
• Promotion of human rights; It is a
fundamental human right human dignity. to
ensure the equal dignity and equal effective
enjoyment of all human rights by people with
• Promotion of participation; People with
disabilities have the same rights as everyone
else to feel needed, to be a part of society.
• Removing barriers to participation .
KDB and Disability Mainstreaming ?
• KDB Disability mainstreaming committee
established in 2009 with a Membership drawn
from all departments in KDB.

• Development of disability policy in line with

the expectations highlighted in the constitution
2010 and the Disability Act 2004
Management Role
• To ensure that no one person is denied employment due to disability
• To ensure that no disabled person working in the Board faces discrimination of any form
• To ensure that no discrimination in recruitment and promotions
• To ensure that no discrimination in training opportunities, transfers and retrenchment
• To ensure that the facilities for working in the organization do not deliberately disqualify
anyone with disabilities
• To ensure that the person with disability does not take undue advantage of the Board in
terms of the inclusion of special facilities that will hinder the Boards operations
• To ensure that the person with disability is able to seek redress if faced with
• To ensure that the persons with disability have access to the same insurance facilities as
the rest of the staff
DMC role
• Identify disability concerns, needs priorities, constraints and opportunities within
KDB that promote equality
• Ensure that prioritized disability needs and concerns are integrated into the design
implementation, monitoring and evaluation of sector policies and programs at all
• Conduct disability analysis to assess the development impact on women and
design strategies to mitigate negative impact of development on employees.
• Coordinate the collection analysis and updating of relevant data within the sector
for development planning and programming
• Develop disability sensitive performance indicators to monitor progress of
equality and empowerment
• Actively participate in sector based budget processes to ensure that adequate
resources are allocated for disability mainstreaming work.
• Building commitment and capacity within the Boards 15 Stations
Staff role
• Support and inclusion of any staff living with
disability in any functions organizational
where appropriate
• The policy on disability mainstreaming applies to all staff of Kenya
Dairy Board as well as visitors and subcontractors inside and outside
of formal scheduled working hours.
• All individuals are expected to treat one another with respect
• All staffs are provided with requisite tools for carrying out their
respective responsibilities as prescribed
• All staffs are provided with means to access the Boards premises
where physically challenged
• All staffs are guaranteed same terms and conditions of service as
per requisite grades.
• All staffs irrespective of status are legible for training where
• The Board prohibits any discrimination practice

• Formulation of DMC.
• KDB Disability policy
• Employment/ Recruitment policy on PLWDs.
• Audits on Office Premises
• Communication
• Inadequate number of committee member
• Inadequate participation by staff in disability
• Non inclusion of disability mainstreaming
in budget preparation
• Perception that disability issues affect only
persons living with disabilities
• May have a policy that is good in theory but isn't
• Development of disability policy to be circulated
to all stations
• Training of disability committee to provide them
with necessary TOT capability
• Training of Staff in sign language
• Development of brochures in braille
• Improved visualized service delivery charters
• Enhanced participation by management in
disability issues
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