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Peranan dan Tanggungjawab PPP.

1. Pengenalan kepada tugas dan

tanggunjawab Pembantu
Perubatan di Jabatan Psikiatri.
2. Merebiu masalah psiko sosial
3. Merebiu dan memberikan ubat
kepada pesakit rawatan susulan
4. Mengeluarkan surat rawatan
susulan dan mengatur pertemuan
dengan Pakar Perubatan dan
Pegawai Perubatan.

5. Mengenal pasti pesakit-pesakit

yang berisiko defaulters.

6. Menilai masalah Fisikal dan

Psikiatri Pesakit.
Peranan dan Tanggungjawab PPP
dalam Psikiatri Komuniti
1. Pengenalan kepada perkhidmatan-
perkhimatan yang disediakan oleh
Unit Komuniti.

2. Memeriksa temujanji pesakit setiap


3. Memeriksa ubat-ubatan untuk lawatan

susulan rumah-kerumah.
4. Merekod data dan statistik pesakit
rawatan susulan.

5. Membuat laporan lawatan susulan.

6. Memonitor pesakit-pesakit yang

tidak datang pada temujanji.

7. Menyediakan jadual lawatan

1. Mental Health Care
The objective is to provide appropriate
Mental Health care to new and follow up
patients as well as to monitor and to trace

2. Roles of the Asst.MO

 Detection of medical Health problems in
the community.

 provide initial management of patients

suspected to suffering from mental health
 provide follow up care of psychiatric
patients attending the clinic.

 to refer all relapse or uncontrolled

psychiatric cases seen at the clinic to
the nearest District Hospital or psychiatric

 To ensure that psychiatric drugss are

availabe for follow up patients.

 To forward statistics to Jabatan

Kesihatan Negeri”.
3. Management Guidelines

a. For new patients suspected to be suffering

from mental problems.

 The AMO must be able to distinguish

neurotic disorder from psychiotic disorder.

 In neurotic, to give simple support at the

clinic level and to refer to the District
Hospital if there is no improvement.
 If psychotic, the AMO must be able to
distinguish organic disorder from
functional disorder.

 Any case of organic disorder must be

referred to the District Hospital for
futher assesment and treatment.
 All manageable functional disorder
should be managed at local level.
Referral is necessary when there is
no improvement.

 All unmanageable cases must be

transferred to the nearest Dist.
Hospital or Mental Hospital after
the iniatial emergency treatment.
b. Follow up Psychiatrict Patients.

l. The AMO must continue the same

treatment and to send the patient back
for review to the referring centres every
6 months or 1 year as prescribed, if the
patients are stable.

2. During the follow up visit, the AMO

must assess the follwing areas:
 Level of fuctioning.
 social functioning
 Self care
 behaviour
 side effects
 pysical problems
 compliance with medication
 relapse of acute symptoms.

3. The AMO must try to stabilize

the patient as the local level after
consultation with the nearest
available doctor.
4. If it is not possible to
stabilize the patient, the AMO
should refer the patient to
the nearest hospital or
psychiatric facility for
further management.
4. Pendaftaran dan Pemantauan
a. All follow up notes and referral letters
from Hospital must be filed in alphabetical

b. All KD must keep a Registration Book to

register all patients with mental health
C. The registration Book must be standardised and
must have the following information as shown below:
Indentification January February ..Dec
Name/NRIC: App Att. App Att.
Address; date date date date
d. The AMO in charge must record
the next appointment date and
to monitor the patient’s
attendance at the clinic.

e. All patients who did not turn up

more than 2 weeks after the last
appointment dates are
considered as defaulters..
f. The AMO must determine the
best way to trace these

g. The general out patient card will

be used for documentation.

h. The AMO will use either the

home based or clinic based
approach of management
5. Administrative Fuction
a. Medication
1. The copy of the follow up notes/referral
letter from Hospitals must be attached
when ordering medication not in AMO list.

2. In case of urgency, Supplementary

indent must be used.

b. Monthly Return. AMO must forward monthly

returns to the DHO’s Office regularly.
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