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VERB GAME Present Continuous: I'm watching television in the

living room.

Working individually (or in pairs), the players have to write down as many sentences as they can in the five
minute time limit. The player with the most correct sentences is the winner.

ANSWERS: 1. I'm watching television in the living room. 7. They're cleaning their teeth in the
2. She's having a shower in the 8. I'm listening to music in the living room.
3 bathroom. 9. They're putting on their clothes in the
. We're eating sandwiches in the 10 bedroom. We're playing table tennis in the
4 kitchen. She's writing a letter in the . bedroom.
. living room. We're making tea in the 11 He's washing the dishes in the kitchen.
5. kitchen. .
6 He's reading a book in living room.
Present Continuous: Is he eating an apple?
Yes, he is.!No, he isn't.

Draw a simple sketch of someone doing something. Do not let anyone see what you are drawing. The
class then has to try. to guess what the person you have drawn is doing.
Answer with short answers, e.g.

Is he reading? No, he isn't.

Is he eating something? No, he
Is he making something? isn't. Yes,
Is he making the bed? he is. Yes,
he is.
Continue the game either by getting the player who guessed correctly to draw someone doing something
for the others to guess, or by drawing the sketches yourself and giving them to different players to use.
Hints: Some suggested drawings:

Practise the they form with pictures showing two people doing the same action, e.g.

Alternatively, you could use pictures cut out from magazines.

VERB How many ~entences
can you wnte?

LLJ I fa;t)
~ Choose a
Find the
room. LL!

J 1

j 2
1. r4

II al•I\


Use these verbs: listen to

Put on up make ea. write play read
n \
. .
I'm w~td-tin~
te- livi~!J .
leJ1s10\11¥1 &e rouwc.
2 .

3 .

4 .

5 .

6 .

7 .

8 .

9 .

10 .

11. g,"<
··················································································································· 9.'~
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