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Co-operatives Marketing

Cooperative marketing refers to
advertising and promotional programs in
which a manufacturer or distributor
supports the advertising efforts.
Co-operatives Marketing

According to RBI,”Co-operative marketing is
a co-operative association of cultivators for
primarily for the purpose of helping the
members to market their product move
profitably than is possible through private
Co-operatives Marketing

•Sell products directly in best
market & price
•Grading to attain best quality &
•Fair weight
•Value adding & waste reduction
•Enhancing economic condition
•Give competitive edge to farmers
•Eradicate malpractices
Co-operatives Marketing

Types of Co-operative
Marketing Societies

• Single Commodity Co-operative

Marketing Societies.

• Multi-Commodity Marketing Co-operative


• Multi-Purpose multi Commodity Co-

operative Societies.
Co-operatives Marketing

Needs & Importance /

• Collective bargaining

• Storage facilities

• Standardization n grading

• Higher prices of member

• Market infrastructure
Co-operatives Marketing

• Reduce cost and improve service

• Improve marketability

• Processing of agricultural produce

• Provides credit.
Co-operatives Marketing

National Agricultural Cooperative

Marketing Federation of India Ltd.
(NAFED) was established on the
auspicious day of Gandhi Jayanti on 2nd
October 1958. Nafed is registered under
the Multi State Co-operative Societies
Act. Nafed was setup with the object to
promote Co-operative marketing of
Agricultural Produce to benefit the
farmers. Agricultural farmers are the
main members of Nafed, who have the
authority to say in the form of members
Co-operatives Marketing

Objectives Of NAFED
• To facilitate, coordinate and promote the marketing and
trading activities of the cooperative institutions in
agricultural and other commodities, articles and goods.

• To undertake or promote on its own or on behalf of its

member Institutions.

• To undertake purchase, sale and supply of agricultural

products, marketing and processing requisites, such as
manure, seeds, fertiliser, agricultural implements and
machinery, packing machinery, construction requisites,
processing machinery for agricultural commodities,
forest produce, dairy, wool and other animal products.
Co-operatives Marketing

• To act as warehouseman under the Warehousing Act and

own and construct its own godowns and cold storages.

• To act as agent of any Government agency or

cooperative institution, for the purchase, sale, storage
and distribution of agricultural, horticultural, forest and
animal husbandry produce, wool, agricultural requisites
and other consumer goods

• To maintain transport units of its own or in collaboration

with any other organisation in India or abroad for
movement of goods on land, sea, air etc
Co-operatives Marketing

• To collaborate with any international agency or a

foreign body for development of cooperative
marketing, processing and other activities for mutual
advantage in India or abroad.

• To undertake marketing research and dissemination of

market intelligence

• To arrange for the training of employees of

marketing/processing/supply cooperative societies.
Co-operatives Marketing

Industrial Activities conducted

• Agro Service Centers

• NAFED Bio-Fertilizer, Indore & Bharatpur

• Cold Storage And Godown At DELHI

• NAFED Warehousing & Processing

Industries, VASHI

• NAFED Per-Cooling And Coldstorage,

Co-operatives Marketing

Present Plans of NAFED

The National Agricultural Cooperative
Marketing Federation of India (Nafed) has
decided to tie up with Krishak Bharati
Cooperative Ltd (Kribhco) and Indian
Farmers Fertilisers Cooperatives Ltd (Iffco)
for joint operation of fertiliser, seeds and
pesticides businesses.
Co-operatives Marketing

Indian Farmers Fertilizer Co-operative

Limited (IFFCO) was registered on
November 3, 1967 as a Multi-unit Co-
operative Society. On the enactment of the
Multistage Cooperative Societies Act 1984
& 2002, the Society is deemed to be
registered as a Multistage Cooperative
Society. The Society is primarily engaged in
production and distribution of fertilizers.
Co-operatives Marketing

Objectives OF IFFCO
• To provide to farmers high quality fertilizers in right
time and in adequate quantities with an objective to
increase crop productivity.
• To make plants energy efficient and continually review
various schemes to conserve energy.
• Commitment to health, safety, environment and
forestry development to enrich the quality of
community life & social responsibilities for a strong
social fabric
• To institutionalize core values and create a culture of
team building, empowerment and innovation which
would help in incremental growth of employees and
enable achievement of strategic objectives.
Co-operatives Marketing

• Building a value driven organization with an improved

and responsive customer focus. A true commitment to
transparency, accountability, and integrity in principle
and practice.
• To acquire, assimilate and adopt reliable, efficient, and
cost effective technologies.
• Sourcing raw materials for production of phosphates
fertilizers at economical cost by entering into Joint
Ventures outside India.
• To ensure growth in core and non-core sectors.
• A true Cooperative Society committed for fostering
cooperative movement in the country.
Co-operatives Marketing

Present Plans OF IFFCO

in Co-operative Marketing
The IFFCO has started a Joint Venture with Bharti Airtel to
harness the power of telecom & add value to the farm
sector and empower the rural farmers by giving them
access to vital information, which will enhance their
livelihood and quality of life.

The Joint Venture has created a platform to offer free

daily voice updates on mandi prices, farming techniques,
weather forecast, diary farming, animal husbandry,
rural health initiatives and fertiliser availability etc. In
addition, the farmer will be able to call a dedicated
helpline, manned by experts from various fields, to get
answers to their specific queries.
Co-operatives Marketing

To pay specific attention to the marketing requirements of

forest and agricultural produce of tribal people and the
ensure remunerative price, the Govt. of India has set up
the TRIFED in 1987 under the Multi State Cooperative
Societies Act, 1984, an organisation committed to serve
to the needs of the tribal and contribute to the
upgradation of their living standards.

TRIFED has aggressively undertaken procurement and

marketing of over 80 items of tribal produce, which are
environment friendly, fresh, pure and natural. 
Co-operatives Marketing

The objective of TRIFED

• To secure higher earnings and generate
employment opportunities for the tribal people of
the country.
• To create awareness of the interplay of market
forces among tribal.
• To provide assured markets and remunerative
prices for tribal produce and also to undertake
price support operations wherever required.
• To provide marketing and financial support to
state-level tribal and forest.
• Organizations engaged in collection/marketing of
tribal produce.
Co-operatives Marketing

• To upgrade quality of tribal products with a view

to maximize unit value realization.
• To export tribal products.
• To provide full range of services, including
organization and collection of.
• Tribal produce, scientific exploitation of forest
products, storage.
• Transportation, marketing and exports.
Co-operatives Marketing

Present Plans OF TRIFED

The Tribal Co-operative Marketing Development
Federation of India Ltd. (TRIFED), has
undertaken an ambitious project of
establishing a network of retail chain of TRIBES
shop throughout the country.

The first unit of this country wide retail outlet has

been launched in New Delhi at 9, Mahadev
Road, New Delhi - 110 001, India. 
Co-operatives Marketing

Co-operative Marketing is a very cost
effective way of promoting the product of
co-operative societies.

It is beneficial for both producers &

consumers as the producers get the value
for their product & consumers get quality
at lower prices for the products.
Co-operatives Marketing