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Changing the

Landscape of Marijuana
Jazmin Ramirez, Jameco McKenzie &
Cindy Miller
Question 4: Let’s Spark Up the Facts

● Possession: 21+, 1 oz of dry, 5 oz concentrate and 9 oz in home w/ a lock

● Stores are allowed in every town unless there is a municipality approved ban
● Licenses for stores issued on 1/1/18
○ However, legal 12/15/16 #TwoMoreDays
● Taxed at 12%
● Residents can grow 6 plants at home & 12 plants per household (cannot be
seen outside)
● Cannot be consumed in store or public place
High Campus Life & Marijuana

● Question 4 passing does not change anything for students pertaining to use
or /residents who reside on campus
● Medical Marijuana should be a a grounds for a housing contract to be
canceled. As it would be the only reasonable accommodation.
● Employees who live on campus are still prohibited from using and or storing
marijuana on campus or returning to their workplace high or under the
influences of drugs. [Due to various workplace related laws, rules & codes]
Cops and Reefer

State Police [inclusive of campus police] do not have the authority to cease
marijuana, if someone is over the age of 21.

Police may not be involved in the destruction, disposal or confiscation of

marijuana for anyone who is of age or has a medical reason.

Marijuana should not be counted as a Clery violation

ResLife and campus must decide who would dispose the substance, and if it
would be confiscated and by who.
Marijuana Comes in Many Forms -

Inhale: Dabs: Edibles

● Joint ● Honey like texture
● Bong ● Hash Oil
● Vape ● Wax
● Bowl ● Shatter

Dabs: have a higher THC, or intoxication content that

smoking or inhaling marijuana
Student Conduct & Sanctioning
In Colorado- Drug Free Schools act still applies.

Colorado University uses a “body as a container” policy that prohibits a student

from presenting as under the influence and could be held responsible via the
conduct process.

“Unlawful Conduct in public place” Policy is a law police in Colorado cite

students with for using or being under the influence of marijuana on campus.
Usually defer to the student conduct process instead of a criminal/civil

There was not a spike in conduct cases after legalization of marijuana for recreational use.
However the hike was seen during medical marijuana authorization.
Student Conduct & Sanctioning

Common Sanctioning
In sanctioning a student a hearing officer - Combined class on substance
should consider: abuse for marijuana, alcohol and
other drugs (AOD)
● Community impact - Alcohol or Marijuana impact circles
● High risk vs. One hitter
- Communicate with parents about
● Conduct history marijuana use similar to alcohol
● Academic impact use if a student is under 21
● Financial dependency or effect on Typical Response:
resources - 1st time create an educational
- 2nd time parental notification and
additional sanctions as necessary
ResLife and Reefer

At CU - Resident Assistants ask students to bring the drugs to the center of the
room [so that it would be in plane sight] and police are able to issue a citation to
students under 21.

If a student is over 21 they would not be cited by police, but will be referred to the
conduct process.

ResLife should have specific training experiences for student & Hall Staff to
understand what forms marijuana can be found in & recognize the signs of uses;
vapes, blow torches, scales,wet towels under door, fans, fabreeze
Health & Wellness Perspectives

● Highly romanticized - people rather smoke marijuana than drink

● Occasional user : 1-2 days in a month
● Regular user: 3-9 days in a month
● Frequent User: 10 or more days in a month
Common Reported Reasons for Use -

It relaxes me Helps me sleep It makes me less


It helps me I need an escape.. Safer than alcohol,

concentrate/focus no one has died
from it (yet..)
It’s Lit - Questions?