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The Studi of Public

Agus Dwiyanto
The State of the Art: Public
• Debates among International scholars about the
public of the public administration? Caiden and
Denhardt in the mid of 80 already criticized the
institutional definition of public of public
• Debates in Indonesia:
• Public Administration is a part of Administrative
Science or it is interdisciplinary study.
– Science tree VS problem- based disicipline
The State of the Art: continued..
• Administrative science assumes that there are generic
principles of administration apply to all problems and/
or areas: i.e.: education, taxation, government,
business, etc.
• Public administration as inter-discipline assumes that
PA is not part of Administrative Science, but it is a body
of knowledge consists of concepts, theories, and
approaches originated from many disciplines of social
sciences and even, mathematics relevant to manage
public affairs and public interest.
• Meaning of public of public administration; state,
government, and publicness.
Meaning of Public in the Public
• Definition of public of PA:
– Institutional definition- government institution
– Normative definition- public affairs and public
• Problems with the institutional definition
– New Public Management- corporatization of
government bureaucracies, competition; etc
– Tranformation of government bureaucracies into
hybrid organization, governance body, etc..
Institutional definition and public
• Problems…continued:
– When public in the public administration is
defined as government institution, then public
administration is understood as government
– Problem arise as government bureaucracies tend
to transform into hybrid organization, governance
bodies, and other kinds of institution
– Public administration tend to be more narrow,
lose its phenomena, less relevant
Public as public affairs and interest
• Caiden and Denhardt state that public in the
public administration should be understood in
the normative sense, that is, public affairs and
• Public administration is the administratioin of
public affair and public interest.
• Administration- policy making and executing
• Public affairs and public interest- the common,
public values, or shared values
Public interest and public affairs
• Public values- defined in the constitution and
laws, live in the community
• Can be different among countries, depend on
culture, societal values
• Public space, public domain, public sphere-
public arena
• In Indonesia, public arena is bigger than
private arena- LGBT
How to define publicness of public
• There two dimensions of publicness
• Institutional context of publicness measured
by characteristics of the institutions;
– Bozeman- economic and political authority;
– Wamsley and Zaldt- ownership and source of
– Akkar- access, actor, and interest
• Public arena: public domain, public sphere,
and public values
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