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Adam Incorporation

Men's Innerwear
Media 99 Group of companies
(Pvt) Limited.
(Adam Incorporation is a member(part) of Media99)
 Media 99 (Pvt) Ltd. is one of the country’s leading advertising agency of the Pakistan.
 Billboard Ads, Newspaper Ads, Magazine Ads, All kind of out door
activities, Banner/Poster Ads , Musical events
 INTRODUCTION: Adam Incorporation is a member of Media 99 Pvt Ltd. It was
established in 1998 and is now one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of
knitwear from Pakistan.
FACILITIES: The company is a vertically integrated/composite knitwear unit
constructed over an area of 35000 square feet. The factory has in house facilities for
product designing, knitting, dyeing & finishing, peach-finishing, printing &
embroidery, CAD CAM grading & marking system, stitching and press/packing facility-
all under one roof.

 Adam Incorporation has the unique distinction of being the first vertically
integrated knitwear unit in Pakistan.
 PHILOSOPHY: Customer satisfaction is a top priority at ADAM which is ensured
through Internal Systems and Quality Controls. The in-house laboratory has latest
equipments to ensure that production meets the buyer’s product specifications.

 Adam Incorporation has a distribution network having a fleet of 10 vehicles and a
sales teem of 32 personnel's with three marketing offices at Lahore, Rawalpindi and
Karachi. Our product is available on almost 600 shops all over Pakistan.
 We are using special yarn made of top quality super fine combed cotton from
Pakistan’s best spinners. For knitting, dying, cutting and finishing ADAM extends all
the facility as and when required. We use imported dyes for undergarments. For
fabric dying soft flow Thies machines are used. GGT technology is used for marking
and cutting of fabric.
 Our stitching unit is equipped with state of the art computerized stitching machines
(specially made for manufacturing of undergarments) operated by highly trained
work force producing garments of international standards.
Product Lines

 Classic Line
 Sport Line
 Modern Line
 Warmers
Classic Line

 Crewneck T-shirt (Single Jersey)

 Full rise Brief (1x1 rib fabric Coming soon)
 Midway Brief (1x1 rib fabric Coming soon)
 Classic Vest (single jersey)
 U Shape Neckline Under Shirt (Single jersey)
Sport Line (Seamless Waistband Range)

 Knit Boxer (1x1 rib fabric)

 Sport Vest (1x1 rib fabric)
 Midrise No fly Brief (1x1 rib fabric coming soon)
Modern Line

 Wedge fly Hip Brief (Single jersey fabric)

With exciting three colors
 New Brief (Single jersey fabric Coming Soon)

 Full sleeve T-shirt (Jacquard Interlock seam free)

 Trouser (Jacquard Interlock seam free)
Key Products

 Crewneck T-shirt
 Knit Boxer
 Sport vest
 Classic vest Seamless
 Warmers
Key Markets
 Lahore
 Sialkot
 Faisalabad
 Gujranwala
 Multan
 Sahiwal
 Islamabad
 Rawalpindi
 Abbotabad
 Peshawar
 Karachi
 Hyderabad
Price List

Sr# Description Style Packing

1 Crewneck T-shirt 2772 Single 360/-

2 Knit Boxer 4554 Single 350/-
3 Casual vest 1800 Single 375/-

4 Sports Brief 3600 Single 285/-

5 Wedgefly Brief 8118 Single 245/-

6 Wedgefly Brief 7272 3 a pack 595/-
7 Classic Vest 9009 Single 215/-

8 Classic Vest 5454 3 a pack 745/-

9 U shape vest 9999 single 325/-