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Rural Internship

At the NGO
Dr. Ambedkar Vanvasi Kalyan Trust,
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 Name : Dr. Ambedkar Vanvasi Kalyan Trust
 It was established in 1999.
 The president of NGO is Mr. TULSIBHAI MAVANI
 Working committee of the NGO :
1) Mr. Lalitji Bansal
2) Mr. Piyushbhai Mehta
3) Mr. Himanshubhai Bhatt
4) Mr. Balwantbhai Bhatt
working on Key Issues of Agriculture, Education & Literacy, Health & Family
Welfare, Nutrition, Tribal Affairs, Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation,
Vocational Training, Water Resources, Women's Development & Empowerment,
Any Other
 Operational States: Gujarat
• Operational Districts: Bharuch, Narmada, Navsari, Surat, The Dangs, Valsad
Inspired by the aim of serving God through the people created by him and keeping in
mind the needs of our tribal brethren living in Dang district of South Gujarat, Dr
Ambedkar Vanvasi Kalyan Trust was set up in 1999 as a service project. During time,
various projects of community service started taking shape. This is possible only when
we put in to practice the mantra of SEVA PARAMO DHARMA. Therefore, Dr
Ambedkar Vanvasi Kalyan Trust has put in place its various service projects for the
overall development of disadvantaged brethren. These projects relate to education,
health care, self-reliance and community development.
The Trust is continuing its march towards its goals of social harmony, social
empowerment and building self-respect amongst the lesser privileged people of the
Our objective of this internship was to help the rural and remote villages. Our plan
was to develop the rural and remote areas.
The reason behind choosing particularly this NGO was that it works for the rural
development related activities as well as environment awareness related activities.
One of the major objectives of this internship was to understand the rural
environment, their life style, their difficulties and enhance our practical knowledge which is
very essential part of the human life.
One of the key objective behind this exposure was to develop our communicating
skills and flexibility to understand the other person. Our objective of the internship was to gain
the experience by working in such completely difficult conditions and enhance our skills so
that we can acclimatize in such conditions, which would definitely help us in the professional
During the internship, as we were going to work on several projects it was
essential to make the strategies and follow it.
Firstly, it was decided by us to teach the students of the rural school their regular
studies and help them in studying and thus reduce illiteracy in the rural areas.
Secondly, it was decided by us that to motivate the students to come to school
regularly and hence not to miss their studies. It was because the parents forced the
students to work instead of studying due to poverty.
NO0 Name of Project Objective of the project

1 Divine Health Mission A good health is requirement of each &


2 Educational Programes Education is every child’s right

3 Books Distribution Tribal children can read

4 Discussion with people We can understand culture and Life of them

they are living.

Yoga Camp As a part of celebration of ‘International
Yoga Day’
Expected Outcome
 Sensitized workforce of enlightened Engineers and Managers who are
socially concerned and willing to positively contribute to the society.
 Increased awareness about rural areas.
 Thorough understanding about the rural socio-economic scenario of
rural community.
 Finding out the issues in existing systems and suggesting possible
 Inspiring affirmative outlook towards working in rural areas.
 Enhanced understanding of students about rural development and
rural management.
 Sensitized students with socially responsible behaviour.
 Established desired work habits and attitudes with the sense of social
Project Undertaken
 In the internship programme between 8th June to 1th July. In the starting of our internship
we observed that Literacy % in rural public is too low. We saw more than 60% public is
uneducated in each village.

 Moreover, the project we had taken contained many subtopics about objectives of the
“Divine Health Mission”, “Sanskarmandal”, “Farmer’s fest”, “Sports Competition”,
“Swami Vivekananda Yoga Centre”, “Sambhav”, “Arogya Shibir” and Women
Empowerment, etc.
For this we conducted some programmes and thus encouraged the students and village
people about their rural life and other programme.


Educational activities in rural areas.
Discussion about life of area and different activities hold by NGO in
that area.
Sport activities arranged by NGO members and our group.
Visit of headquator of NGO and Sambhav-A UPSC training centre at
NGO in Surat.
21st June “Yoga Day” celebration at main branch of NGO.
Yoga Practise and Library visit at NGO.
Through this internship of 21 days we could achieve many expected as well as some
unexpected things. It was really a memorable experience that taught us that anything could
be achieved by proper management and proper understanding.
According to the strategy we had taught the students and we were able to achieve the goal to
share some of our knowledge with them which could be helpful to them in their life. The
greatest satisfaction of the achievement was, when it was our last day and told the students
about it and they became sad. It seemed from it that they really enjoyed studying with us
and our methods of teaching.
Moreover, the greatest task was to convenience them to come to the school regularly which
they missed under the main reason of poverty. It was achieved by telling them the
importance of the studies in the life.
Also by conducting awareness programme every Saturday about different topics which
now-a-days has become a major issue. We guided them about the regarding Environmental
issues, importance of yoga in life, Women Empowerment, Health issues and many such
We come to know that in India, rural public is still unaware of higher education. They do not have
proper knowledge on Health and Environmental issues. Women in rural area are still having negative feeling about
their development. It is our responsibility to feed this requirement to lead India. Hence, to lead India we need to
feel India.

The whole internship programme was intended a learning itself. We learned to live in totally different
environment. We learned how to manage ourselves according to the peoples need and to manage the most
important thing – time.

We learned that how difficult it was to go in the sizzling summer from one place to the other. We
learned how difficult it was to explain and persuade someone to our point. This taught us the importance of our
teachers. But we learned that the most important thing in our life is our parents.

We learned and developed many good qualities like leadership, management skills, communicating
skills, teaching and learning skills, and many such other that would help us in our future life.

We learned some unfamiliar words and terminology in Gujarati language for teaching the students of
rural and thus we got to learn more about the language in deep which we use daily but never knew the meanings of
some words.
Thank you.